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  • Sasha 25 Aug 2015 12:46pm () in Cool idea to look at

    This looks really cool. Thanks Siobhan

  • Sasha 05 Aug 2015 6:57pm () in Photo and Camera Storage

    Wondering if anyone knows why my Ipad says there is 4.8GB of data stored in the photo and camera when there is nothing there? I am aware that the recently deleted photos still hang around but I've been and deleted the deleted photos and videos. I've also turned off all sharing and stream options. I've googled this a few times and can't find a clear answer. Have also tried some links from Heather Bell but to no avail. ....

  • Sasha 05 Aug 2015 6:45pm () in Throw a challenge my way

    Hi Allanah

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I'd love to know why my Ipads say they have 4.8GB (for example) in photos and camera when there is nothing on the Ipad. Sharing etc is off, the recently deleted photos and videos have been deleted. I've googled this problem a few times and I can see others with the same question but no clear answer....

  • Sasha 10 Jul 2015 12:02pm () in Blogging Help

    Hi All


    This blog  ( http://teachmeetfuture.blogspot.co.nz/p/google-apps-training-for-teachers.html) might help those of you just starting out with blogging or still struggling with blogging - or even anyone who wants to know more about blogging.... It starts on Monday 13th and is a 20 day programme type thingy. Below is a list of what you'll learn about. Check out the whole blog to see if you think it will help you. 

    The Daily Challenges:

    Day 1 - Creation and Naming
    Day 2 - Pretty stuff
    Day 3 - Your first post
    Day 4 - Linking it together 

    Day 5 - Digital Citizens
    Day 6 - Our Classroom
    Day 7 - Morning Statistics
    Day 8 - Celebrating Success

    Day 9 - Amazing writers
    Day 10 - A week in the life of...
    Day 11 - Share everywhere
    Day 12 - Commenting Basics

    Day 13 - Following, Alerts and Hit Counters
    Day 14 - Homework, Notices and Calendar
    Day 15 - Social Media and other connections
    Day 16 - Quadblogging

    Day 17 - Mascots and Travel Buddies
    Day 18 - Further post ideas
    Day 19 - Revving up links
    Day 20 - Student voice


    Cheers Sasha

    PS I've added this to our bookmarks too. 

  • Sasha 26 Jun 2015 11:14am () in iPad storage

    Wow, Tracey that looks awesome! Very jealous.I'll show Kim and maybe see if a local dad can put one together for us.

  • Sasha 21 Jun 2015 11:55am () in Uploading Videos to Blogger

    Hi Tracey

    We've played with a few ways of uploading videos. We started using wifi transfer which is an app on the ipad and computer - we'd upload to the server and then import them into blogger. All good except the server is getting full and we probably won't have one for long.

    Recently we started using YouTube. This worked well for the uploading part (and there's a place where you can enable videos longer than 15 minutes) but there are issues around privacy with YouTube. If I want other people to see my video, it has to be on the public setting or you can choose 'unlisted'. Unlisted means you can share it, but others can't search for it. This seemed like a good option but I ran into trouble because my kids were all making their own videos - therefore they all had to have their own YouTube channel. So I set all that up and that was going ok, except that you get other videos tagging on the end of their videos and the kids could potentially be exposed to content that isn't appropriate.

     Anyway last week I followed a conversation on the VLN and a man named Steve Trotter explained that he uses Drive to store videos/ photos. This takes away the issues with privacy and seeing other videos etc. I tried it last week and it's extremely easy to use - whahoo!!!! Here's the link to the conversation...... /discussion/view/931142  scroll through the conversation until you find Steve Trotter's post....

  • Sasha 21 Jun 2015 11:45am () in iPad storage

    Hi Kate

    I'm having issues around where all our devices go as well. Looking forward to seeing / hearing what others are doing to solve this problem.....

  • Sasha 17 Jun 2015 2:32pm () in Saving videos in a GAFE school

    Thanks Steve - followed instructions and yip - found embed code. One problem - unless you are part of our school, you can't view it on the blog.... is that right? Not really a problem though as it doesn't seem to be an issue when you simply insert by uploading.  

    Will be subscribing to your blog by the way smiley

  • Sasha 17 Jun 2015 1:51pm () in Saving videos in a GAFE school

    I've been playing around  with what Steve Trotter said about videos and Drive and it seems to be very easy!! Works really well on ipads too.  My Year 4/5 class have their own google drive account and now we'll be saving videos and photos to there instead of YouTube because - one, it's simple and two, there's no issues with who sees it and the ads or 'related videos'. On the ipads we're using capture as our video app and this can also be uploaded easily to Drive. 

    We are using Blogger instead of KidBlog and there's no icon for Drive but you can select upload and then select the video from Drive. Only thing I can't seem to get it to do is embed - I can get a link, but haven't worked out where to find the embed code........

  • Sasha 16 Jun 2015 8:49am () in Saving videos in a GAFE school

    I've just set up personal youtube channels for my Year 4/5 class. I had one class channel but it was a lot of work for me because I didn't want the videos to be public. I wanted the kids to put the videos in their personal blogs but they couldn't if they were private on a channel with a different address (because they all have their own gmail, blog and drive account). So I've given them all a channel and spent a lot of time around the rules for using them ( they made videos explaining the rules and posted them on their blogs). The videos are unlisted, which means no one can search for them, but they can be viewed on blogs (when they were private, people couldn't view the video on the blog).  I'm just learning and might be doing it all wrong, but we're trialing it. One of my concerns is that at the end of our videos, other videos attach and can be played. I've gone and selected the no ads setting but I'm not sure if this will solve the problem or not!!  Interested to follow others journey in this.