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  • Sasha 28 Feb 2017 12:47pm () in Do we need to question the way we assess?

    Everything you have said echoes my thoughts from the past few years. We are encouraged to teach in innovative ways yet we test in old fashioned ways that measure old fashioned values. It is a major frustration for me. However I don't have any answers as to how to change it. I really hope someone does..... 

  • Sasha 17 Sep 2016 8:43am () in ios10

    Thanks Steve and Jim for your replies
    I'm not in a panic about this or throwing the baby out with the bath water, merely asking how others feel - so thanks for sharing your thoughts. One thing to consider is that while we are still using pencils they don't need updates to function properly. Also Innes' 5 year old netbook still receives updates one would assume (along with his mazda getting services). However, the ipads will no longer get updates and will therefore not be able to get many new apps, as often the new apps require the latest update to run. We still use very old netbooks in our rooms, along with new ones, desktops and ipads etc and yes they are all simply tools at the end of the day. But when budgeting for devices in future their ability to a successful tool over a number of years will be a factor in my mind.

  • Sasha 16 Sep 2016 7:52pm () in ios10

    My understanding of this page was we helped each other. The tone of your reply feels anything but helpful and feels very much like sarcastic put down. However I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and explain that you are indeed missing something as the article explains any ios device from now on will probably have a much shorter life span. Which will need at least some thought from schools that have budgets. Have a nice weekend and thank you for your helpful reply.

  • Sasha 16 Sep 2016 11:30am () in ios10


    Just wondering how people feel about this and what this means for everyone? At our school it will be an issue as all of our class ipads are ipad 2's and most of our BYOD children have ipad minis.....

  • Sasha 24 Mar 2016 11:27am () in Student Email accounts

    At our school all children from yr 4 up have their own Gmail account so they can access drive etc. The emails are not open to anyone outside of the school domain and for the younger ones it's restricted to within each class. Keeps them safe and since they are for learning conversations only they don't need them outside of school. They can have personal ones for that.

  • Sasha 20 Oct 2015 4:50pm () in PLD for Google Admin

    Sorry, forgot to say that we're in Taranaki :) 

  • Sasha 20 Oct 2015 3:27pm () in PLD for Google Admin


    We are a GAFE school and most of us have a handle on using the tools well. Now my Principal and I would like some PLD in the administrator side of google to make sure we're getting the 'back end' stuff right. Things like moving from a school based server to the cloud and who documents should be filed under, etc. Is there anyone out there, or can you suggest anyone, that might be able to provide that sort of PD for us???

  • Sasha 28 Aug 2015 6:07pm () in Screencastify

    I have made my first piece of rewindable teaching using screencastify today and I'm sold! It's soooo easy.  Only thing to remember is it is a chrome extension so only works in google programmes - eg it will work on google chrome and google docs but not a word document. It seemed to take quite a while to process my         4 minute clip - over an hour and a half, so will have to check out what's up with that.

    There are so many ways I can think of to use this to save us time and effort as teachers and to allow the kids instant and rewindable learning and since it's so easy to use, kids will be able to make 'how to' clips for other kids.... 

    Here's a link to my clip (first effort remember). Feel free to watch it and see if it prompts any ideas of how you could use it.......


  • Sasha 26 Aug 2015 11:37am () in Blog info for parents

    I'm in the process of creating a parent information sheet about blogging - what it is, why we do it, what it looks like at our school, etc. Does anyone already have anything like this that they would be willing to share??? I'm happy to share mine (just an initial draft) as well.

  • Sasha 25 Aug 2015 12:47pm () in GAFE

    Some great stuff in the GAFE group - I'm interested in the equivalent of WordQ that they are talking about at the moment.