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  • Angela 13 Sep 2013 9:50am () in Rotorua District Education Profile

    Who has seen the data produced by the Ministry, gathered by approx. 15,00 5-18 year olds 

    Ages 1-6

    Early Childhood Education 2013 Participation

    94.1% goal for 2016 is 98%


    What are schools doing? what programmes do we offer?

    I would be really interested in the initiatives other schools have and I would like to have the information others can offer so I can revise what we are offering at our school.  I am currently surveying parents/whanau of children entering our school and attending our transition to school programme 10 weeks prior to enrolment.  I have also gathered student voice so I can feed back to our schools management team to see what data is telling us and in what ways we may need to look at our current transition programme.