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KimW's discussion posts

  • KimW 29 Mar 2017 3:00pm () in Professional reading template

    Hi I have a few that I can share you into.  If you give me your e.mail address I will share you into the google documents :)


  • KimW 20 May 2015 1:54pm () in Blogging Teaching as Inquiry as Appraisal

    Hi Michelle

    All our staff are using online forums for their inquiries this year.  Using either blogger, evernote or google docs. We have allowed some flexibility around this.  The great result of doing this has been that all our staff have shared their inquiries with each other so they can grown and learn together.  Their inquiry is no longer between me and each individual teacher but shared amongst each other which has been a really positive outcome.  We have been involved in the Teachers Council Workshops over the past few years, what is Evidence and  Appraisal of Teacher Project and there is some really helpful resources on their website:


    At this stage myself and my Deputy Principal comment on the teachers inquires.  We are hoping that now the inquiries are shared amongst all staff that they too will start providing feedback to each other.

    We also meet every fortnight for 30 minutes focused on our inquiries.  This assists to keep the momentum going and to support each other.

    Happy to share more of our  journey

    Kim Waite