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Wendy Mack's discussion posts

  • Wendy Mack 29 Aug 2013 4:39pm () in Hello Barb

    Hi there,  I have suggested a couple of times for our school to look into the M.O.E supplying the transport similar to the way it is done for special needs schools.  My daughter attends one and so is entitled to conveyancing which is obviously tendered out to local bus/taxi companies.  Her school then has nothing to do with the transport.  Might be an idea to look into it.  Would mean not paying drivers, regos, repairs, maintenanca and of course petrol.  I have been worried that our transport cost are a really large percentage of our income.

  • Wendy Mack 26 Aug 2013 6:24pm () in Hello Barb

    Well it looks like we did it Barb!  Pat on the back for us.  I just read an interesting article in the PPTA news which rang a bell about our attendance data.  The article talks about using generalisations rather than factual information to change policy around education.  The main generalisation used in NZ is that 1 in 5 students are failing.  This is actually not the case.  When we talk about our attendance issues we also tend to generalise and in fact make excuses for our students low attendance.  We blame sick children, appointments and family issues, however when we actually "ask the question" and look at other useful variables such as age we realise that these excuses are ours, not the students. In fact in term one this year 7 of the lowest 10 attenders at our school were pregnant.  So much for sick kids.  I guess the answer is data.  Actually researching the issue and having some clear answers that we can then use to put in new incentives or strategies to support students coming to school.