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  • Brendon Anderson 02 Apr 2020 10:07pm () in They're here! Kid-speaked Literacy Progressions

    Sure, send me an email brendon@frankley.school.nz


  • Brendon Anderson 09 Sep 2019 9:30pm () in Virtual Reality

    Great resources, thanks for sharing. It fits with my philosophy that students should be using digital technologies to create, not consume. And creating 'new'.

  • Brendon Anderson 08 Sep 2019 10:04pm () in Virtual Reality

    Thanks Tess, those look like great resources. I got some of my students to look at co-spaces last week. I think I'll get them assessing some of the possible tools and they can make the decision about what will work best. I trust them!
    Alongside this, they are learning about our local pa site. I am sure they will produce something great. So much deep and rich authentic learning across the cureiculum that can take place.

  • Brendon Anderson 08 Sep 2019 10:00pm () in Virtual Reality

    Hi Sam
    This sounds awesome. How do I go about getting started with this?


  • Brendon Anderson 01 Sep 2019 9:05pm () in Virtual Reality

    Thanks Sam - ill have a good look through all that you have posted.

  • Brendon Anderson 01 Sep 2019 9:00pm () in Virtual Reality

    Thanks Moni...what's the best way to contact you?


  • Brendon Anderson 28 Aug 2019 9:27pm () in Virtual Reality

    Kia ora all

    Has anybody had students creating their own virtual reality or augmented reality videos, images or other? I have an idea that involves students creating VR to immerse users with a local historical pa site. The idea is that people using what is created to understand the history of the pa site and its significance...fits right in with understanding our local stories, developing and designing digital outcomes and computational thinking - and a rich authentic context for learning where students create and not consume information.

    Wondering if there is anyone who can help?



  • Brendon Anderson 04 Sep 2017 8:11am () in Question - Creating a personalized e-asTTle writing prompt?

    Hi there

    Just found this...

    Can I develop my own prompts?

    Teachers are encouraged to use the rubric to assess writing other than that generated by the e-asTTle writing prompts. Teachers may wish to write their own prompts that relate explicitly to classroom topics of study. If they do so, consideration of the following will facilitate accurate use:

    • It is recommended that results from teacher-developed prompts are not entered into the e-asTTle application. The e-asTTle application links results to particular e-asTTle prompts. It then takes into account the difficulty of the prompt when transforming rubric scores to scale scores. The difficulty level of a teacher-developed prompt is unknown.
    • Teachers and students will be able to use the rubric to determine ‘next steps’ in teaching and learning, although scale scores and curriculum levels can not be generated outside the application.
    • The rubric has been developed from students’ writing of continuous text. It is recommended that teacher-developed writing prompts maintain this feature.
    • The rubric was developed from students’ writing for five communicative purposes: to describe, explain, persuade, narrate, and recount. The rubric may also be used with other single, or multiple, communicative purposes; although not every element will always be relevant.
  • Brendon Anderson 29 May 2017 7:41pm () in HELP! How do I reply to this comment made by a staff member? Suggestions please! :)

    And following on from Tessa's post....

    Heart surgery has changed since the first heart surgery.

    Automobiles have changed markedly over the last 100 years.

    Planes have changed!

    There are so many examples of changes in the world because of the advent of technology getting better. I for one wouldn't want my heart operated on in a way that was done in the 1950's!!!

    Education is just the same...teachers need to realise that education - learning and teaching has changed and is not just the same as what we have been doing for years. Perhaps using an analogy like these might help? Im sure heart surgeons don't say this is the way we have always done it!

  • Brendon Anderson 29 May 2017 7:49am () in HELP! How do I reply to this comment made by a staff member? Suggestions please! :)

    Hi Pam

    Could you ask them to define/describe what 21st Skills and Teaching Practices they 'know' about?

    Could you get them to outline how these are in operation in their classroom programme?

    Yes - the why is important. When they realise the world is changing very rapidly, the skills needed to be able to function in a future world will be markedly different. Even understanding something like 'group work' is not collaboration is important and will take time for some teachers to get their head around. Mark Osborne's material is a very good reference for the Why.