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Lisa Allcott's discussion posts

  • Lisa Allcott 05 Mar 2015 4:31pm () in Keeping your tween readers motivated

    Dear colleagues,

    As promised the second page from Services to schools to help with motivating your tween readers. This one focusses on developing a school library collection for your tween readers, where to sources titles, links to the titles that students this age like to read including cross unders (teen titles for tween readers) and reading through life's transitions.

  • Lisa Allcott 26 Feb 2015 11:22am () in Keeping your tween readers motivated

    Dear colleagues,

    Just to let you know about a new page from Services to Schools, National Library, on motivating and engaging your pre-teen readers. Content includes the characteristics of children during these years, causes of the upper primary reading slump, the importance of reading for tweens, how to engage them and how school libraries can help, based on both NZ and overseas research and experience.

    We will also have another page, to be loaded in the next week or so, on what types of books tweens like to read and how to develop a collection which encourages great reading habits. 

  • Lisa Allcott 09 Sep 2014 5:07pm () in Which library software are schools using?

    Hi Lavinia, If you are considering changing your Library management system have a look at National Library's Service to Schools website. We have guidelines on changing your system and what to consider before you do so. If you want to talk to a school library adviser ring our help line on 0800 542 5463. Another source of great advice is the schoollibs listserv. There are lots of very knowledgeable school librarians on this list who are happy to answer questions like this.

  • Lisa Allcott 26 Aug 2014 2:10pm () in Getting started, planning for success in a MLE or for collaborative practice

    Kia orana Mairi,
    Back in 2008/09 a couple of my National Library colleagues (Diane and Alice) worked with a group of teachers from the Cook Islands (including Avatea School) on developing their school libraries through the PRIDE project.
    So we were really sorry to hear about the fire and your classrooms and library all being destroyed. But it's also great to hear that it's become an opportunity to work on creating modern learning environments in your school. If you are thinking about how to redevelop your library as an MLE as well, you might like to check out the information on our website - it will support your thinking on this challenging but very satisfying shift from traditional library provision to a service that directly supports student literacy and learning.

    Lisa Allcott

  • Lisa Allcott 26 Jun 2014 2:02pm () in Protocols around ebooks

     Hi everyone,

    I wrote the course that Denise mentioned (e-books - issues and options) as well as the information on e-books for school libraries on our website which is in the process of being updated. One of the points that we emphasize is that it is illegal for school libraries (or any other library for that matter) to provide e-books to patrons unless they purchase the e-books through a supplier that has negotiated the digital rights for those items. Currently there is a limited range of suppliers that NZ school libraries can use to do this - you could investigate Wheelers, Overdrive and World Books. E-books that you purchase through Amazon for example, are for personal use only.

    There are e-books that are in the public domain, such as those supplied through Project Gutenberg or the International Childrens Digital Library that you can add to your school library catalogue.

    Regarding the question of how e-books encourage reading you could have a look at some research by Colleen Foley which details her findings on this topic.

    I will let you all know when our e-books page is updated.

  • Lisa Allcott 05 Jun 2014 2:01pm () in MLEs: Learning spaces and resourcing | NAPP Kōrero 6

    Hi Glenda,

    I work as a school library adviser in Auckland, working with school library teams and school management to develop modern library learning spaces. I was very interested to read your post about the incorporation of the library and technology suite into the your new MLE. Sounds as if it has been a very successful marriage. I'm about to start work with a school where the library and some classrooms are being demolished and would love to talk to you some more about how you developed the space and how it works on a daily basis. If you are anywhere near Auckland, we'd love to visit...

  • Lisa Allcott 14 Feb 2014 1:31pm () in MLEs: That’s just a classroom with a beanbag isn’t it?

    Hi Kris,

    Great to hear about the changes in your classrooms. I visited an intermediate school last year that had knocked down walls and opened up all sorts of spaces to create greater flexibility for students. Very responsive to student needs and a much more fluid way of learning.  I'd be interested to know where your library moved to whether you see it as part of the MLE. We're very keen to see school libraries developed as modern library learning spaces alongside learning hubs and are happy to toss ideas around about how schools can achieve this.

    All the best, Lisa

  • Lisa Allcott 14 Feb 2014 1:16pm () in disengagement

    Hi Louise,

    I'm guessing he might not be much of a reader but perhaps it's worthwhile finding out who his sporting heroes are and looking for easy biographies of people he admires or books on the sports that he loves. Even the not so easy books might be okay if he is left to browse through them just for enjoyment.

    Something else that's great for non-readers are graphic novels. Time and time again I hear from school librarians about how these fly off the shelves - they have great visual appeal and seem to engage all sorts of readers.

    If you don't have much of this material in your school library, remember that you can order books through National Library's Services to schools. The library staff are very knowledgeable and if you are specific about this student's needs they will try to tailor the loan to suit.

    Regards, Lisa

  • Lisa Allcott 13 Dec 2013 12:30pm () in Holiday reading list

    I'm focussing on current New Zealand junior fiction:

    David Hill - Brave Company

    Justin Brown - Shot, boom, score!

    Phillippa Werry - New Zealand story: Lighthouse family

    Des Hunt - The phantom of Terawhiti

    James Norcliffe - Felix and the red rats

    Joy Cowley - Dunger

    Stacy Gregg - The princess and the foal

    All available through the Services to schools collection or my local public library.

    Happy summer reading!

  • Lisa Allcott 04 Dec 2013 5:54pm () in Literacy tips and tricks for parents

    Hi ,

    There is useful information on National Library's Services to Schools website about the summer reading slide as well as help for parents on reading at home. Remember too, that lots of public libraries have great summer reading programmes for school students to participate in eg Dare to Explore which is Auckland City Library's programme. My son has done this for a couple of years and I'm sure it kept his reading level up over the long break.