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  • Lb 05 May 2016 6:23pm () in Robotics and different contexts

    Hello all, thank you for your contributions.

    Linda I will search out that book and I love the idea of science renewable energy add on kit.

    Tara, I totally agree with you about having a clear purpose, for me it's the idea of robotics enhancing the mathematics curriculum, integrating key ideas with science and technology and the opportunity for key competencies to be developed. I have a raspberry Pi but I feel that is still a bit over my head, I need low floor high ceiling applications at the moment until my confidence and knowledge grows. I also find the students are not quite ready for it, although I do have couple of students that come in and play with the code and the led display at lunch time. 

    Katrina, Mbots look like they could be a cost effective way of bringing robots into the classroom.

    I have been looking at getting a few ozobots, try and hook in the artistic dancing students. I think the idea of choreographic dance displays with them is a possibility.

    Thank you again and keep the ideas coming I will let you know how I get on with the couple of old mindstorm robots I have in my classroom at the moment. Give me another a week or so :-)




  • Lb 30 Apr 2016 10:24am () in Robotics and different contexts

    I would like to explore the use of robotics in my classroom. We already have a robotics club that uses challenges and builds cars and is what I would call "classic" robotics. I want to engage with a wider group of students by examining context and themes within robotics.

    What devices are people using and how are they being used to engage students with a wider range of interests and backgrounds?


    Thank you

  • Lb 25 Aug 2013 8:09am () in Introducing...the Central South community online

    ok here goes my first post. 

    Hello.  I am a year 6 teacher at Dannevirke South School.  I was involved with an ICT PD cluster at Matakana school and I have been hooked on e learning ever since.  I am the leader of ICT at my school and look forward to working closely with Lyn Ross.