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Margaux Hlavac's discussion posts

  • Margaux Hlavac 02 Dec 2013 4:57pm () in One Note users

    Hi there, is anyone using one note and able to work out how to create templates with it?

    I have set up a Onenote notebook as an attestation and appraisal folder for teachers, with 12 sections, one for each RTC, and a front page for each section with the relevant criteria, possible evidence, and reflective questions from Tātaiako. Then under each section I've set up pages for each year (this year and next) to put collected evidence on. 

    I've twiddled about on the web trying to work out how to save it as a template but no luck so far. 

    Any advice greatly appreciated!

    Nga mihi nui

    Margaux Hlavac

    Cashmere High School. 

  • Margaux Hlavac 03 Aug 2013 6:30pm () in Seeking advice about how to best use MyPortfolio with a year 9 class.

    Kia ora everyone, 

    I have a year 9 BYOD class at Cashmere High School in Christchurch - it is our first BYOD class in the school. I have managed to get most of the students to enrol in MyPortfolio, as I am really keen for students to be able to share their work with each other and with their whanau. I have seen some information about how to use E-portfolios with primary aged students but not so much with secondary students - I am sure it exists but I am unsure where to look. 

    I seek advice  and ideas about how the students can organise their portfolios. At a basic level I can imagine they can organise a series of different pages to display their various forms of writing, creativity and performance in English, and in their other subjects. One approach would be to throw it open and let them create whatever they want - but I think they do want some structure within which they can display their skills. 

    Yours in anticipatory thanks

    Margaux Hlavac.