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  • kim pewhairangi 18 Jan 2016 3:21pm () in effective methods of collaboration between students

    Hi, am interested in this as well. Currently we use Google docs and slides, and my students quickly learned how to share with one another and enjoyed this new sharing, collaboration, in writing in particular. Would like to know of other ways to engage collaboratively in their inquiries, especially to engage with whanau and wider learning communities. A colleague has used Blendspace with her students and I intend to trial this with my students this year. 


  • kim pewhairangi 18 Jan 2016 2:53pm () in Enabling e-Learning FORUM: Mobile digital devices: What's working, what's not?

    At our kura (decile 1b, dual medium) we have been using ICT as a 'hook' into learning. Boys (and writing) seem better engaged in writing using computers, and over the last 5 years, if the use of ICT has been fostered in the previous classes, overall engagement in writing with our boys has improved. We have a variety of devices, Macbooks, ipads, ipods, Desktops and IWB. 

    I totally agree with Monika' statement: In my ideal classroom, I see a range of different tools, tablets, laptops etc. allowing my learners to choose the right tool for their job. 

    In 2015 we trialled Google slides in place of Powerpoint for our Student Lead E-portfolios. Those akonga that had internet at home did go online and add to their e-ports in their own time. More development will take place over 2016 as we develop our ILE and pedagogy with our kura hapori.

    Also on the BYOD debate, I would love to have students, akonga, whanau, be able to engage on their own devices to be have ubiquitous engagement. Whanau engagement is also a focus for us, so using ICT to better communicate with and share our learning with them is a target for 2016. Look forward to following this post.

  • kim pewhairangi 18 Jan 2016 1:47pm () in Moving into ILE in 2016....

    Following on from Lisa's korero, we were lucky to visit a few different MLE/ILE and the lovely teachers working in those spaces were more than happy to share their collaborative planning with us. As we are developing the possibilities associated with Google Docs, it was good to see that some schools were opting to use the free sites available to develop their collaborative planning. Fortunately for myself and the teacher that I will be sharing a space with, is that we are both happy using this platform, as it will definitely cut down on the 'together' time needed when planning. What we were both elated to see that was, we were definitely on the perceived right track when it came to collaborative planning. Obviously we still have a long way to go. Eventually we hope to use google classroom at some stage, but have looked into 'Hapara', while it is a site that requires a cost per student, it seems to cover some of the issues we have come up against, as it has the capability to see a class dashboard, as well as being compatible with Google docs.

    Eventually we envisage seeing our whole staff using 

    • Google Drive under our school url
    • Planning collaboratively through Google docs saved onto our school drive rather than our school server

    I/We am/are constantly looking for ideas on how to do this smarter. 

  • kim pewhairangi 22 Nov 2015 11:22pm () in Sustainable Strategies: Integrating e-learning, leadership inquiry and classroom practice | Kōrero 14 2015

    This year a colleague suggested we add a Whanau feedback slide into our Student Lead electronic portfolio, which we had just moved up into Google slides, where whanau can see what their taonga are doing and give feedback. This was another great way to engage our Whanau with their child's learning, showing them just how much work, thought, time and effort goes into making a 'simple' slide. We have been slowly nudging our colleagues along using Google Docs, as well as our own class/student learners, who in turn share on their knowledge. Barriers to this are lack of internet in homes, but we encourage our whanau to visit the library where there are computers and free wifi.

    Our colleagues have appreciated the shared planning, but we are now taking it a step further, and only sharing as a 'view only doc' ( forcing ) gently nudging them to learn how to make a copy for themselves. All minutes are done via Docs, with collaborative minute takers. Next step is to become a GAFE school! Love e-learning!