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Jo Stanway's discussion posts

  • Jo Stanway 02 Oct 2013 9:38am () in NZCER reports

    Kia Ora All and Happy Holidays!!

    I was hoping someone could answer my question?

    I am currently writing my ALiM report and want a quick comparsion graph off NZCER for my PRE and POST tests. Just a quick overview inclass pre and post and withdrawl pre and post?  The issue seems to be around the types of test e.g. Test 1a at the start completed Test 1 at the end.  Anyone got any useful hints?  

    Thanks :)

  • Jo Stanway 19 Jun 2013 9:40pm () in ALiM 2013

    Hi I am about to begin my ALiM programme.  If there is anyone else out there that have some really  useful tips on anything about it please help me out, I don't want to waste any of the time that I have with the children.   

    So far i have been using Pinterest and nzmaths to help find rich maths tasks.  I have set up children work books and have children that are so excited to start the programme.