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  • Rob Clarke 03 Dec 2015 10:48pm () in Google training for office/admin staff

    Hi Rachel,

    I have a course called 'Managing the Office with Google Apps' which might be of interest to you. If you go to my site learningarchitects.com/courses you can search and filter in various ways and even subscribe to be updated of new courses as we post them. All my courses are either face to face or virtual.

    Keep an eye out for more in this area next year.

    Rob - 021 590 572 or rob@learningarchitects.com

  • Rob Clarke 23 Jun 2014 7:58pm () in pushing out apps to users in my domain

    Hi Nick,

    You manage the services users have access to via different organisational units - ie. you can turn off Google+ (a shame really) for students, etc.

    Try this help article and let me know how you get on...


  • Rob Clarke 29 May 2014 9:50pm () in google apps

    I believe Classroom will be available in September which is a loooooooong time away in Google terms!

  • Rob Clarke 08 Apr 2014 7:11pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    Great we'll look forward to seeing you there!

  • Rob Clarke 06 Apr 2014 7:55pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    Hi Emily and others,

    One aspect to be mindful of is when making changes to your DNS records you can create mayhem if you make a mistake. The key part is the change of the mail delivery, this in my view is the critical part as it affects everyone at the same time - so you need to consider how you are supporting the change prior and as soon afterwards as possible.

    Another thing to consider is to create a shared folder in Drive inside a generic Admin account which houses schoolwide documents - that way you avoid ownership issues when people move on/etc.

    A really good solution is to create a school start page - at the upcoming GAFE Summit in CHCH and AKLD I'm running a workshop on creating your own school start page if you can make it.

    If you want help with your installation/deployment I'm happy to advise, drop me an email off forum.


  • Rob Clarke 23 Mar 2014 8:39pm () in Managing Shared Google Sites

    Hi Johan,

    Your work in progress template looks really good - love the inclusion of creative commons and anti-plagiarism. What about embedding the students social media feed? That way you'd be able to see whatever they are up to on say - twitter or google plus? If you set them up it might be a consideration to use their names as that will start creating their digital footprint... thus increasing accountability/etc. for what they post online.


  • Rob Clarke 23 Mar 2014 5:29pm () in Managing Shared Google Sites

    I agree with Fiona, either getting children to submit via a form or directly onto a spreadsheet for a given task is a great way to manage it.

  • Rob Clarke 21 Mar 2014 9:52pm () in Managing Shared Google Sites

    Hi Johan,

    My personal preference for eportfolios is a blog rather than a site - but that's another conversation ;-)

    With any online tool I've used a Google spreadsheet with various details that can help manage the student online presence across the classroom:

    • first name
    • last name
    • year
    • class
    • email
    • Site (or blog) URL
    • parent email
    • etc.

    One good thing about a site is that you can easily create a template in Google sites which can have the 'common' aspects you decide as a class as being important/etc.

    Hope this helps.


  • Rob Clarke 18 Jan 2014 5:30pm () in How to make a goggle presentation private in a gmail account that has multiple people on one password

    Kia Ora Kararaina,

    There are 3 ways I can think of to solve this:

    1. Put the presentation into 'Present mode' and provide people with the URL. 
    2. Publish the presentation to the web and provide people with that URL.
    3. Publish the presentation to the web and embed it into another web page - this would be my preferred option because it puts the presso into the context of your blog or web site. This is a really effective way to share a presentation, if you aren't able to embed it into a web page you could share it via slideshare or another similar tool.

    There is no way to stop anyone with access to the drive account mucking up (or deleting) your presentation though. You really should consider Google Apps for Education, you can have as many accounts as you like the and take advantage of the collaboration and control features. If you want help email me off line.



  • Rob Clarke 14 Jan 2014 8:51pm () in PDF in google drive then linking to a goggle presentation

    Kia ora Kararaina,

    You might consider compressing the PDF first - that way it is quicker for your team mates to download and use. You'll find a number of good PDF compression utilities on the web. The ones I use (for the Mac) are either: Adobe Acrobat Pro (pricey) or PDF Toolkit+ (which is about $5!!). There are even cloud based pdf compression utilities such as compress.smallpdf.com which is obviously limited to your web connectivity. For windows there are lots of tools for this job, you'll need to test them - I'd be interested in what you find. 

    Both dropbox and box.net are good tools and have slightly different functionality, however are free only up to certain space limitations - box.net allows you to embed files whereas dropbox isn't able to do that. 

    It might be better to split out the exact pages you need from the PDF, then use those as snippets within the presentation - feel free to share it to me if you want an opinion (although I have limited wifi right now where I am).

    Good luck,