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  • Paul Sibson 20 Jul 2015 4:08pm () in Student Management Systems

    Hi Chris.

    Glad you like the look of the website and blog.

    1. Yes ;-)

    2. Yes, to a point, our teachers can connect to google directly from their LINC-ED account and embed any docs etc so that it is quick to share these learning artefacts with parents (without the need to worry about permissions). A demo would explain this more clearly. 

    If you would like to find out more/ have demo please either send us your email via the website or via this thread. 



  • Paul Sibson 17 Jul 2015 9:57am () in Student Management Systems

    Hi Hamish,

    Somehow I managed to miss that you had replied to me, sorry ;-{ 

    Shame you were away when we presented to you, let me know if you are interested in having a look yourself as I believe we have a solution that will meet all your needs (especially around reporting that is ongoing and student led). 

    Anyway let me know if you want to see more.




  • Paul Sibson 02 Jun 2015 1:03pm () in Student Management Systems

    Hi Cathy, Di and Hamish

    We had a similar problem a few years ago (we were using eTap) and really wanted to change our reporting to online, ongoing and 'live' for parents to see and interact with. We built our own system to handle this and was so successful that other schools have now taken it on. We then integrated a SMS into the system so that we didn't need to run 2 systems. We renamed the system LINC-ED and are now ministry approved and expanding. www.linc-ed.com

    Happy to share how we report and how easy it is to share and connect to google docs.



  • Paul Sibson 11 Dec 2014 1:11pm () in Using google drive for internal school management effectively - advantages and challenges

    The trick to get past the 'multiple drives open' problem is to use Google Chrome. In Chrome you can set up completely separate instances which are opened separately and keep everything tidy. In Chrome go to preferences, scroll down to people and choose 'Add person...' You can add as many accounts as you like and give each one a little picture. To switch between them click on the picture in the top right hand corner of your browser window. ;-)

  • Paul Sibson 11 Dec 2014 9:53am () in Using google drive for internal school management effectively - advantages and challenges

    Hi Natasha

    We have been on this journey for a few years now. It is definitely the way to go and makes everyone's life so much easier. The ease with which we can share and find documents make using google drive an greta choice. I like the fact that people can choose to organise (or not) the files in a way that suits them. I have some leader who puts everything in directories to organise where as I don't file anything, I just use the search function. 

    There are still some challenges around using drive for storing files that are not docs but that is more to do with weaning people of using word and excel. If everyone can be trained to default to google docs it becomes much more straight forward. Now that you can merge cells in table on a doc, it is much better.

    Happy to help if you need it ;-)




  • Paul Sibson 14 Jun 2013 2:42pm () in Growing leadership of e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 - Resourcing

    The key to getting buy-in from parents is to let them see the benefits of using online tools for them personally. We wanted our parents to engage more with blogs etc and the uptake was sporadic. Parents are used to using online tools such as facebook to share and comment and it is incredibly easy to use. We just have to find the right tool to make that happen with their children's learning. 

    We have taken the route of providing parents with a fully online reporting system for all their children's learning. This means that you have instant buy-in because the parents want to read the reports/ see the photos etc. Now that we have all our parents (those that do not have internet access are given a printout) engaging with  their children's learning online we can start to encourage them to  add to the conversation and contribute. 

    The next phase in our development of our online reporting / e portfolio is to get the parents to contribute as well as the staff. I believe that the real key will be finding a way to hook in to social networks safely and securely. I have lots of idea on how to achieve this. 

    Whatever you do make sure that above all else, the software you use looks good and is easy to use. Keep it simple.