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Emily Keenan's discussion posts

  • Emily Keenan 07 Feb 2014 5:50pm () in e-Learning 2014- where to now?

    The new school year is upon us. 

    Where are you & your school heading with your e-learning journey this year?

    How are you planning to get there?

    What are you commiting to do, implement or investigate with regards to e-Learning in 2014?  

    Jump in and share your ideas- perhaps others in the group will be able to offer help or support for your journey.

  • Emily Keenan 05 Nov 2013 3:57pm () in Christchurch Leading Effective e-Learning Forum

    Hi Stephen 

    Confirmation emails are  being sent this afternoon. 


  • Emily Keenan 31 Oct 2013 2:51pm () in Show me

    Hi Alice

    one way is to log in to show me and save your show me into a 'group'.

    Then you need to log in to the show me website. 

    From here you can access your saved showme and click the share button that will give you an HTML( embed) code. 

    Copy this HTML code and then paste  it into your  new blog  post.

    ( remember to select HTML tab at the top for your blog if it's blogger) 


  • Emily Keenan 25 Sep 2013 9:27am () in Christchurch Leading Effective e-Learning Forum

    HI Merryn

    Yes it is -the date is on the main page - but have added the date to this page too.

  • Emily Keenan 20 Sep 2013 9:34am () in Team Teaching

    Hi Michelle

    Freeville School in Christchurch team teach at a variety of levels- they would be worth contacting.

     Paul Wilkinson is their Acting Principal. 

  • Emily Keenan 22 Jul 2013 12:14pm () in Todd Rose at TEDx The myth of the average

    Another great one from Todd, Chrissie. I love his analogy - the Learning equivalent of adjustable seats. I'm with you Greg would be great to see this being viewed and discussed at staff meetings - so many Billys out there in NZ classrooms that need those "adjustable seats."