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  • Ceri de Boo 10 Jun 2015 1:25pm () in How to down load you tube clips


    Agree with Nathaniel this is a minefield at the moment in schools, with lots of grey areas as we work though what we can and can't do.


    great place to start


  • Ceri de Boo 19 Mar 2015 7:51pm () in Online Teacher Planners (getting rid of the black folder!)

    Hi, I use an Excel spreadsheet and have done so for the last 2 years when I realised what a ridiculous waste of my time it was writing in all my classes for the year, day by day, term by term. I created a template for the weekly timetable and then use different spread sheets within the workbook for each term. I also use it to plan out my units of work so use different sheets again for each year group ( I am Secondary). I save it to one drive so have no need to even lug the brick of a laptop we have home as I can keep local copies on my school laptop and other devices.

    I would be interested to know if anyone has made this kind of application compatible with any of the calendars. Often the online versions seem restrictive when one tries to get a one stop shop for everything, having said that Google is making great leaps into making everything more and more compatible and can be amalgamated with kamar calendars, guess it depends on exactly what you want it to do for you. 

  • Ceri de Boo 03 Apr 2014 10:02pm () in BYOD Model

    Start slowly and include lots of staff PD as Kathryn has said, getting the staff on board is key to making it work, they need to see the point of it, rather than thinking it is just another fad. Using on line tools is great once staff are familiar with them as doesn’t matter what the device is that the students are using. Give staff PD then give them time to play with what they have learnt. We have introduced it slowly, it also gives the IT department a chance to trouble shoot issues with the network and devices, we started with a couple of BYOD classes then are rolling it out over a few years. Seniors can also byod but this seems to be a bit dependant on the teacher as to how much they use it in their various classes. Cyber safety is a must, other schools will share their cyber safety programmes, ask around. Looking at other schools and talking to staff/SLT’s will help make it successful.

  • Ceri de Boo 31 Jul 2013 8:33pm () in Ipad. a mac and drop box

    I am new to this and would love some advise please,

    I have some students using bookcreator on the ipad, as this is a project over several weeks and the ipads are used by many studetns I want somewhere to store a copy of their work in case it gets deleted. I have been told that drop box could be an option - how does this work?

    Also the students tried to email me a copy of their ibook creator publication but it didn't come through to my email - am presuimng that it is an unsupported format for a laptop? but the same happened when they emailed it as a pdf, so not sure what is happening there...

    Thank you