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Kassey Downard's discussion posts

  • Kassey Downard 26 Sep 2013 8:03am () in Online writing tools

    I use http://writingprompts.tumblr.com/

    They are amazing visual prompts and have the learning intentions in the top right hand corner for the more recent pieces.

    You may have to filter through them. I check weekly and save my favourites.

  • Kassey Downard 25 Sep 2013 8:18am () in Do we want another f2f? Is so, why? How?

    I would love another f2f, I think it is important to continue to build on our connections and share. I would love if it was run like an unconference and we were able to express our needs/wants and then people can run mini workshops to meet the needs of the group. I like having time to explore new ideas and tools. 

  • Kassey Downard 25 Sep 2013 8:00am () in Using Minecraft Puzzle Maps in the classroom

    That sounds awesome, in order for your boy to share he maths quest he needs to have it saved on the computer. Once it is saved he needs to search for %appdata% and then click the folder .minecraft (if that folder doesn't appear you need to turn off hidden folders), in that folder will be lots of folders, you need to click saves and his map will be saved into their. You can copy the whole folder and upload it to sites like megashare and send out the link for other people to have a go with. I hope those instructions made sense. 

    We can definately add you to our quadblogging rotation, I will have some students go in and have a look. I would definately be keen be keen for a google hangout or skype session where they students can share what they are doing. 

    Our blog is - http://mokoiaint-p3.blogspot.co.nz/

    My blog with a lot of our minecraft work is - http://missdownard.blogspot.com/


    Look forward to hearing from you,


  • Kassey Downard 24 Sep 2013 2:35pm () in Using Minecraft Puzzle Maps in the classroom

    Puzzle maps has become the latest craze in my classroom.
    They are maps created for single player mode. Players have to manipulate their way through obstacles and challenges to complete each map. In order to complete these challenges players have to follow instructions, rules and use logic and items collected to win!

    I wanted to find a way these maps could be utilized in my classroom and across the curriculum.
    I decided a great way to engage my boys in writing was to have them write a review on a map that they played or create a hint guide for solving the puzzles/challenges.

    Initially students were overwhelmed by the choice of maps and spent too much time attempting to complete them. Once students got past this they were able to begin taking notes on each map to form their writing plan. Students are still in the planning process and some are further along than others. Our topic has come to an end and I wanted a fun way to wind down the term while still meeting our reading and writing criteria.

    To extend on this some students have already started planning out their own maps and the puzzles they want to include once they have finished their writing task

    Some of the maps students have attempted:




    I am really interested in if other people are using puzzle maps or more ways we can use these.

  • Kassey Downard 18 Sep 2013 9:27am () in Using Minecraft for Assessment

    Hey Justin, 

    Awesome so here someone else is inspired!

    I started by having my students come up with a goal, in my class it was to just show off something they could do. This allowed for a lot of tuakana-teina. A lot of my class had already used Minecraft and were very confident and capable. They then supported my students that hadn't used it before. At the end of the session we looked at the pros and cons and discussed the educational value. From this my class and I were able to decide when we could use it.

    You can check out the whole process on my blog - http://missdownard.blogspot.com/

  • Kassey Downard 05 Sep 2013 5:51pm () in Introducing...the Central North community online

    Ki Ora,

    My name is Kassey Downard. I am a beginning teacher in my second year. I currently teach a year 7/8 digital class at Mokoia Intermediate. In my class I have 24 laptops, 1 desktop computer and 1 Ipad.

    I love ICT and I pick up new technology very fast. I am an active blogger and will try anything in my classroom once. I look forward to networking with new people and seeing what awesome ideas I can hitchhike from and implement for my students.

  • Kassey Downard 05 Sep 2013 8:11am () in Using Minecraft for Assessment

    This sounds awesome!

    How did you set this lesson up? Did you have a criteria co-constructed with the class or one of your own? I would love to hear more about this, I am using it in reading and writing at the moment but haven't been game enough to try it in maths. 

  • Kassey Downard 22 Aug 2013 2:24pm () in Just starting out with minecraft

    I have only just started out using Minecraft and I am fast becomming an expert (thanks to my class full of experts), I am a year 7/8 digital teacher. I have been blogging the process of our Minecraft adventure and so have my class (http://mokoiaint-kayleighp.blogspot.co.nz/2013/08/minecraft-what-is-learning.html). We are currently using it in our Novel study to build the 'City of Ember' and I am currently trying to find as many ways as I can integrate this into my classroom programme. 

    Check out our adventure so far - http://missdownard.blogspot.co.nz/ 

    I would love some feedback and ideas!