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Nicki's discussion posts

  • Nicki 29 Nov 2013 9:59am () in Help - am having problems with ipad photo storage

    Will keep you posted on what I find out!

  • Nicki 29 Nov 2013 7:32am () in Help - am having problems with ipad photo storage

    Thanks Eric for the suggestions. No one has used the chat apps, so not sure how they have managed to get them on there.  Our techie teacher couldn't work it out either.

    Will try doing an audit.

    It's really bizarre!

  • Nicki 28 Nov 2013 9:23pm () in Help - am having problems with ipad photo storage

    We discovered, when using phoster, a whole lot of photos which don't seem to taken on our ipad.  When we export to my laptop they are not showing, but are on photostream.  They are also not on galleries.  The children in them are not recognisable as childen in our school nor the setting familiar.  Has anyone had this problem.  They only show in the photostream.  Our idpads don't go anywhere except school and my house to load new programmes.

    Looking forward to someone coming up with a solution to our mystery.

  • Nicki 17 Jun 2013 11:53am () in Update from Taupaki

    I'd be interested in checking out Printcraft but still need to sort our premium account for minecraft.  We are still on the freebie.


  • Nicki 12 Jun 2013 9:39am () in Beginner in minecraft

    I am really keen to get Minecraft started in my classroom.  I have no idea about the game but have a group of avid gamers.  I want to hook them into literacy through minecraft.  Any ideas?  I have downloaded the lite version on my ipads.  

    Thanks Nicki