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Melissa Grant's discussion posts

  • Melissa Grant 15 May 2013 1:39pm () in Individual i tunes accounts vs VPP

    Hi Peter. I don't think I had any problems...!!! I am double checking the proxy set up at the school I set Meraki up with their technician and will let you know. I have a feeling the proxy settings are fairly relaxed as if they are tied down it leaves schools frustrated that they can't do anything and can bottleneck the fibre speed! I am going to set up another school in the next few weeks who I know have much tighter proxy settings so that will be interesting!  I work for the NEAL Trust on the North Shore and I am planning on rolling out Meraki in a few of our schools as their current solutions are time consuming, messy and don't really follow the iTunes Terms and Conditions!!!

  • Melissa Grant 14 May 2013 3:07pm () in Individual i tunes accounts vs VPP

    For those schools who have iPads and only Windows PCs and laptops means Apple Configurator can't be used (as far as I am aware!).  We are using Meraki which is a free web based tool to manage all the iPads and push apps out.  It also works with the VVP which is a bonus!  This meant we saved money not having to buy a MacBook, it runs off the assigned Windows laptop.