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Melissa Grant's discussion posts

  • Melissa Grant 22 Sep 2013 2:25pm () in Technology apps

    Another great idea Catriona, thanks so much.  Good to know there is an on-line site as the kids all have different devices in many of the schools I work in.  Thanks so much, will have a look now!

  • Melissa Grant 22 Sep 2013 2:24pm () in Technology apps

    I love the trolley you made and I am going to share it with the kids tomorrow!  Have been so busy in schools I missed you post, apologies!!  Let's Get Inventing is an amazing way to engage the children and having an authentic audience for them must be really rewarding.  This is such a good example of how to really get kids into science and technology!  Great work Luke!!

  • Melissa Grant 23 Aug 2013 1:22pm () in Technology apps

    Has anyone found a useful app to use in technology? A Y4 class I am going to work in want to use the iPads to design their trolley prototypes for their upcoming derby!!! Does anyone know what might be out there? I was thinking of using google sketch but I think it might be too difficult for them. 

  • Melissa Grant 18 Jun 2013 11:53am () in iPad apps and proxy settings - filtering......

    I will double check that for you Carol. As far as I know, the Apple TV is on the iPad wi-fi so that it works without any issues. It have tried the reflector app and while it does work it was pretty intermittent streaming video and could crash quite easily. I'm into the Raspberry Pi as a cheaper alternative to the a Apple TV, we have it at home!

  • Melissa Grant 17 Jun 2013 7:51pm () in iPad apps and proxy settings - filtering......

    In most the schools I work with the iPads are on a separate wireless network to the school laptops which goes straight out to the Internet with no filtering. This avoids any issues with downloading apps and browsing safari and it also stops the frustration for teachers giving them the anywhere, anytime pedagogy. Because these devices don't have the tight filtering it makes the teaching of digital citizenship crucial. No filtering is 100% and it is important that we teach the children the realities of technology so they are best served to make the right decisions in their life. 

  • Melissa Grant 14 Jun 2013 1:47pm () in Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

    Hi Google App users!

    I'm about to set a school up and have heard there are a few teething problems if you don't work through the set up process correctly.  My one question at this stage is:  When I send the domain name over to Google for verification and this is approved does google mail immediately start working and therefore the teachers lose their outlook mail flow and have to immediately start using google mail?

  • Melissa Grant 08 Jun 2013 8:10pm () in Opening up a file from Dropbox in explain everything

    There are two options on the bottom right of the screen. The first is to export an image and the second one is to export a video - choose this option. I made the same mistake first time!

  • Melissa Grant 08 Jun 2013 7:17pm () in Audio Note App

    Interesting discussion, thanks everyone. Having looked at audio note indepthly I went and had a look at explain everything which I liked a lot (Thanks Innes!). I liked the way you can record over previous recordings which is the function I was after in relation to the learning intention around proofreading and editing. It's also very easy to export a video or picture to different web based applications. Using multiple pages also shows the child's process which is really important. And...  When the wireless is down you can save it to the camera roll which is handy!! I'm going to use Explain Everything on Monday and Tuesday then share the work via the school website and share it with parents on Wednesday evening as we are having a BYOD information evening as the school begins its mobile learning journey...!

    Will investigate Story Kit next. 

  • Melissa Grant 04 Jun 2013 2:47pm () in Audio Note App

    A few weeks ago someone mentioned an app called Audio Note in this group.  It is a great way for children to proofread, edit and revise their writing.  The children typed in their writing then recorded it and listened to it as much as needed before making the changes/improvements to their work.  They then did a final recording of their writing and were amazed at the improvements they had made.  They were also really excited to be able to share their work with their parents as I said I would email their work to my email then upload them to the school website.  I really wanted a purpose and authentic audience for their writing.  Unfortunately I can only get the text and not the audio once exported.  Has anyone used this successfully to export the writing AND the audio?  I'm stuck!!  Or, is there another app that is better suited?  Many thanks in advance!

  • Melissa Grant 15 May 2013 1:58pm () in Individual i tunes accounts vs VPP

    Hi Peter.  After thinking about it and talking to the technician - I haven't tried pushing out the proxy settings.  The school has a firewall but no proxy server so we don't need to push it out.  I'm not at all technical so hope this is what you were meaning!!