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Stuart Priddy's discussion posts

  • Stuart Priddy 13 Sep 2015 8:15pm () in Collaborative Teaching

    Is anyone happy to share their agreement or expectations for staff when working in a collaborative space? Thanks. Stuart

  • Stuart Priddy 10 Sep 2015 1:36pm () in MLP or just Effective Pedagogy

    Really enjoy reading all the comments.  Our dilemma is in our junior school.  We have worked on 8 teams of 2 teachers this year (Yr 7/8, Yr 5/6, Yr 2/3/4 and NE / Yr2).  Because we had a large group of yr 2's they had to be split.  Looking at the same for next year and whether best to keep the NE separate for a while.  Any thoughts?

  • Stuart Priddy 20 Aug 2015 10:05am () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    Hi Hamish

    Thats fine.  What it probably should say is having an extra teacher and utilising that teacher effectively can result in some powerful gains / achievements / successes / engagements in the class.  As opposed to just having the extra teacher just roam without any meaning.

  • Stuart Priddy 19 Aug 2015 8:44am () in Self Directed Learning in MLE

    Valid comments Neil. The role of the roaming or extra teacher is crucial to the success of a collaborative environment.  I believe it is also an opportunity for this teacher to do some great one to one when needed.  the problem is we have all jumped into this without any clear definitions of the roles, which is great on one level as it allows for schools to be creative etc.  It needs some one like you to come up with great models of expectations of the extra teacher.

  • Stuart Priddy 07 May 2015 4:22pm () in Making the move from single cell teaching

    Couldn't agree more Neil. We spent a tod last year looking at our beliefs about teaching and learning, our vision, and what constituted good practise.  We talked about what we were currently doing that fitted this and what we were doing that did not, hence some changes to be made. There were also things that needed to be added.  Looked closely at the barriers to good practise. 

    I won't say we have solved it all, remember it is a journey, but we are clear that we are all in this together and this is huge.

  • Stuart Priddy 07 May 2015 8:11am () in Making the move from single cell teaching

    Is it possible for teachers to put their school name in their replies?  There are some great comments and it would be great to be able to make contact. Our school, Loburn School, has gone for 4 teams of 2 of parallel classes this year, all bar one team are operating in single cell rooms.  It has been great for the students.  Some took a bit of time to come to terms with routines etc, but many are flourishing in the enrvn.  We have a teacher only day tomorrow with a facilitator which is basically a stock take of where we are, whats working, not working and where to from here.  All teachers have a day visiting schools this term looking at collaborative teaching etc.

    In the process of having goal setting interviews with the 4 senior classes and each pair of teachers are attending all interviews, so 50 for one pair and 42 for the other.  We have given them extra release during the day to do this.  I am sure this will be area for conversation at our day tomorrow.