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  • Johan Schnetler 08 Dec 2015 11:50am () in Google groups seamlessly populated from Kamar data

    Hi all

    I need some advise on the following. We are currently using Kamar as our LMS and then sync some data with GAFE.

    I would like:

    1. Google groups set up in such a way that it automatically updates changes made in Kamar to the members in "My Groups" in Google.
    2. All teacher classes in Kamar also to be a group in "My Groups" in Google.
    3. I need it set up in such a way that students that left school will be automatically removed from my groups and not only marked as suspended (as currently is the case)
    4. I want to be able to use a group email to communicate with only the members of a specific class.
    5. This needs to be done for every teacher at my school.

    Is this possible? Please feel free to share with me the way in which your teachers are using Groups to email students and who sets it up.

    Thanks you.

    Here is the reply from my current service provider:

    I don't believe we can get to the point you're asking with the current tools in place. The school currently using the KAMAR Directory Sync tool which pulls the groups over to the Active Directory we then add an email address via a script and finally the Google Apps Directory Sync takes the accounts / groups into Google Apps. For a group to appear in My Groups the teacher would have to be a member and KAMAR doesn't export information.

    I can have the students removed from Google when they're suspended by KAMAR however this will result in their Google data being removed.


  • Johan Schnetler 17 Nov 2015 8:09pm () in How can i set things up so that I have access to my students shared google sites, without using Hapara?

    Thanks Katie
    How did you do the links. One by one or is there a quick way?

  • Johan Schnetler 17 Nov 2015 3:52pm () in How can i set things up so that I have access to my students shared google sites, without using Hapara?

    Thanks for that Clive. I have done that to collect the url's and now I want to add it to my google site with a quick link. I have done a similar thing in blogger where I added a HTML/CSS widget in the sidebar to display their names as a link to their websites. Not sure if it is do-able in google sites?

  • Johan Schnetler 17 Nov 2015 3:34pm () in How can i set things up so that I have access to my students shared google sites, without using Hapara?

    I would like to access my students ePortfolio's created in Google sites. They have all shared it with me, but I find it difficult to keep track of all the web addresses. Feel free to share with me if you have found a good way of creating a "dashboard"-like option to gain quick access to every student's google site.

  • Johan Schnetler 09 May 2015 9:01pm () in Help with Creating a Blog using Blogger



    I started by setting up a google spreadsheet and then sharing it with my students. They then filled in their blogger addresses by copying and pasting it from their blog page.

    See here

    You can then copy and paste each address on your class google site as a link.

    Hope that helps.


  • Johan Schnetler 27 Mar 2015 3:44pm () in Digital Citizenship Overview for Primary

    Hi have you tried Common Sense Education. It is free and all the resources has been fully developed with lesson plans. Sign up for free to gain access to all the resources. Here is a link:  https://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/scope-and-sequence

  • Johan Schnetler 16 Mar 2015 6:57pm () in Embedding eLearning into English at senior level

    Hi all

    I am the eLearning facilitator at Mahurangi College in Warkworth. I am very interested to find out how the embedding of eLearning in English at senior level (Year 11 -13) is experienced. At my school BYOD is implemented on a voluntary basis, with a mix of devices and tablets. The transition seems to be very slow and ends up with teachers catering for both manual and electronic submissions (double work)

    Please share how you have embedded eLearning practices in your Senior Language classes. I am happy to pay a visit to your school to see this in action if someone would be happy for me to visit.



  • Johan Schnetler 11 Feb 2015 2:41pm () in Using Editey in Google Apps for Education

    Thanks for this Mark

    I don't get to the "Workspace" stage at all. I would like my students to create their new HTML file directly in Google drive using HTML editey. After this has happened, then we can start looking at opening a number of website files as a Workspace and open that with Editey. The error is produced the moment they click on any part of Edity.

    I have narrowed the problem down to somewhere in the Organisation part of the Google Admin/Users. It seems that people that belong to Staff (One of my Organisations) have no issues to use the full editey package, by students (Another one of my Organisations) have problems.

    I cannot see any difference in the Google Admin/User console that would indicate that there is any difference  in permissions for"Staff" and "Student". I am not sure where else these permissions would be added, but the moment that I move one of my test students into the staff organisation, it works perfectly.

    Don't know if that makes any sense?



  • Johan Schnetler 09 Feb 2015 3:25pm () in Using Editey in Google Apps for Education

    Thanks Hamish. I will try anything and everything ;-)

  • Johan Schnetler 09 Feb 2015 2:15pm () in Using Editey in Google Apps for Education

    Hi all

    I'm trying to use the Editey apps (Editey, Editey HTML, Editey CSS, and Editey Javascript to be specific) on Google Drive and every time I go to create a file with those I get this error and the tab says 500 Server Error. I am not sure how to troubleshoot this issue further.