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  • Sean Bailey 18 Mar 2014 1:39pm () in MLE- Do these actually raise student achievement?

    Hi Mark

    I read your post (plus others) with interest. This is my first ever post on the VLN so here goes!

    I am currently Principal of Ladbrooks, a small rural school on the outskits of Christchurch. We have this year introduced a collaborative teaching model in a multi purpose space. The ratio is 3:53 across Years 0-4. This has been a big undertaking for us in terms of shifting parents attitudes towards how children now learn in the 21C. We carried out some intensive consultation before we started which I think paid off. We made sure we had carried out some decent research based mostly on observational data gathered in other schools. Our staff have found it a really refreshing change from teaching in a single cell and are really enjoying the opportunity to learn from each other. They are using some really innovative ways to move past just teaching Literacy and Maths and focus on more creative subjects like Music, Te Reo and Art. It has been awesome to see their skills and expertise being used more effectively.

    I am just about to start my Masters thesis (like you Christine). My area of interest is Collaborative teaching in an MLE and I think it would be great to consider your idea on the looking at quality teaching in an MLE. There are so many advantages that I have already witnesed in terms of teachers working collaboratively and learnnig from each other. I just wish that I had been given the opportunity!

    I would be keen to hear from others like Christine who have already started the journey!



Sean Bailey

Enjoying being part of the Te Toi Tupu blended e-Learning project