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Fi Mackley's discussion posts

  • Fi Mackley 18 Nov 2013 8:58pm () in Rakiura/Stewart Island

    Yes, we agree Caroline.  Our Year 2/3 classes have gained a lot of knowledge about the plight of the Kiwi through this LEARNZ trip.  The children understand that humans have a big role to play in controlling predators and they thought carefully about their questions for the audioconference.  I notice how focused the young students are when they are listening to the experts on an audioconference, so I would always try to register for one.  This time the children also sent an ambassador and I think this provided another valuable link to the trip.  It was great to realise we can just use certain components of a trip if we wish (as we generally only used videos and diary entries relating to the Kiwi).  A beautiful fit with our Curriculum Level 1-2 unit about Kiwi, many thanks, Fi Mackley.

  • Fi Mackley 02 Jul 2013 11:47am () in Engaged and Enthusiastic Year 2-4 Class

    This was really interesting to read as I could also write very similar things!  We had two Year 2/3 classes from Alexandra Primary School participate in the Wandering Whales field trip and we were impressed with the high level of engagement from all of the children.  Participating in an audioconference increased the feeling of being part of field trip 'community' and then seeing the experts and other participants, e.g. the ex-whalers, on the videos gave our students a personal link.  

    Our classes use Padlet to disuss the Key Competencies on a fortnightly basis, so over the field trip we discussed our level of 'Contributing and Participating' during the field trip.

    The scientific aspect of Wandering Whales provided a strong platform for building our students' knowledge of the importance of data collecting, analysing etc, and also gave them plenty of new topic-related words and phrases.  We particularly enjoyed the links made to conservation.  

    We are looking forward to joining the Stewart Island field trip in Term 4.