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Peter Holmstead's discussion posts

  • Peter Holmstead 17 Mar 2015 3:04pm () in Students as Tech Support

    We have competent Y6s called Protechs who are available to assist other classes. Usually things like showing juniors how to login, find their folders, recovering lost files, wireless connections, setting up new folders for students, etc. They have a kit with cleaning cloths and cleaner so they can keep the screens clean. They also know how to copy files from cameras and USBs, etc.

  • Peter Holmstead 02 Apr 2014 10:28pm () in Google Apps for Education vs Office 365

    We have been running Google Apps/Hapara Dashboard since mid 2012. It fits our needs and seems reliable. Its great to be able to work alongside students on docs, and comment and share. I have no experience of 365, so i cant comment on one over the other.

    Formatting in Google Apps is more difficult than Office, but we have learned its limitations and have got used to it. The Hapara Smart Copy function is great for sending docs/links etc to particular maths or reading groups. Hapara staff are always available to fix any glitches, but it runs fairly sweetly anyway.


  • Peter Holmstead 28 Feb 2014 1:28pm () in Tvs in the classroom - wall mounted or mobile?

    We have TVs in all rooms. They are wall mounted on swivel arms so can be positioned to avoid sun, or to swing between a desk area and mat area. We got our mounts from Jaycar.

    Another benefit over mobile stands is that you know your TV will be there, rather than borrowed by someone. Also harder to steal if you have a break-in.

    If you are connecting to laptops regularly, invest in an HDMI cable/adapter rather than using the older VGA 'D' connector. More reliable and carries sound as well as video.

  • Peter Holmstead 01 Jun 2013 4:05pm () in Teacher dashboards

    Hi Rebecca

    I also began using Hapara this year after a short trial in Term 4 2012. It's doing all I need at this stage, and as they are gradually adding features it should be futureproof.  Being able to go onto a piece of work and add to it as students work, and being able to message students, is the most useful feature. Only blends with Google Apps at this stage, I believe.

    I'm still exploring the capabilities.