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Simon Bell's discussion posts

  • Simon Bell 03 Mar 2014 9:01pm () in Use Chrome book with Flatscreen TV

    Hi Allanah

    Do you know where we can purchase chromecasts in New Zealand?


  • Simon Bell 01 Aug 2013 3:04pm () in Eportfolios using Google Sites

    We are using googlesites this year.  As we use googledocs throughout the school and with students having their own device this works well.  Students find it easy to hyperlink a doc or insert a youtube clip of themselves into their site really easily.  Seems to be working really well.

  • Simon Bell 01 May 2013 7:28pm () in Eportfolios using Google Sites

    We are trailing googlesites this year as our e-portfolio.  This is being driven by the students and they are managing it themselves.  What I like about sites is that it is easy to attach files, insert pictures and videos from youtube about themselves talking about their learning.  We are using video assessment in PE and it takes no time at all to download it private to youtube and insert it to a site.

  • Simon Bell 30 Apr 2013 10:24am () in Trial a BYOD class first or go for it?

    Certainly a good idea to trial a class first and to get a teacher who is enthusiasic about it and ready to launch into it.  While that is happening it is a good idea to look into infrastructure school philosophy and also staff development.

    Looking into digital citizenship as well is a good idea.  We have found that they link nicely with school values when talking about digital citizenship.

    We have slowly began a BYOD programme looking at Year 3 with the long term aim going down to Year 1.  Depending on which device is used i.e. ipad for example the use of educational apps can be great to reinforce and engage learning.

    Here is a link talking about NCEA exams to be online in 4-6 years time.  Beginning blended e-Learning approach certainly helps with preparing digital kids for the future.


    Parents don't like change (sometimes BOT too).  The idea is to give them information about a 21st Century vision for learning, centered around the schools 21st Century vision.  Invite them into the classroom to see how learning has changed.  We have found one of the parents main worries is that they know alot about computers and their children will know more then they can't help them.  
    We have experienced this and one strategy we used with the parents was inviting them into the classroom to look at e-Learning and running fortnightly workshops afterschool around things like googledocs, finding apps etc.