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Gabe.H's discussion posts

  • Gabe.H 16 Mar 2015 3:04pm () in Sharing photos using GAFE to personal student folders

    I make a folder of the photos and email to the students gmail accounts. Works really well. They can then choose any they want to add to writing for their blogs. Means they can share whole file with parents if they want too. (I spend a bit of time cropping and sorting before putting them into folder.

  • Gabe.H 27 Feb 2015 9:39am () in Chromebook - Lease v buy

    Purchasing probably better option, at least you know they are new! Our school purchased 70 odd Chromebooks last year. 54 for use in Yr 7& 8 digital classrooms and the others shared out in other rooms. Only had 2 problems with devices needing service. They are great value for money! Can't imagine life without them.


  • Gabe.H 26 May 2014 8:08pm () in Chromebooks

    We are using the Samsung Chromebook in our 3 Intermediate classes and finding them really user friendly.

  • Gabe.H 17 Jun 2013 7:37pm () in Helping with blog comments

    Rachel, wondered if you would like to pair up with my kids sometime to help yours make a comment on one of your quad blog classes?


  • Gabe.H 10 Jun 2013 8:14pm () in Starting out as Quad bloggers!

    It was great to share comments from students of another intermediate class on my classes kidblog pages today.

    By end of week I hope to have my class made comments on others work. Looking forward to them being able to develop confidence in making comments and comparing their work with others.

  • Gabe.H 07 Jun 2013 12:09pm () in Number of posts

    Really great to see comments from students from other schools on my kids blogs. No action at all from my class this week as I have been away with the flu. Back on board and ready to go next week.