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Louise's discussion posts

  • Louise 02 Dec 2014 6:41pm () in Chromebook vs Ipads

    Hi, Kate.

    I have been using IPads with my Year 7/8 class and they are great, but like all things have their limitations. there are some amazing apps that you can access via I pads, and the ease of getting to them to use are very efficient for maximum learning.

    However, their are also excellent GAFE which have equivalent , more and free apps for education. So, it would be up to how you wanted to use the equipment. Sometimes, the Year 7/8 are more capable using chrome books, and IPads can be more useful in junior school. 

    Good luck with your purchases, can't really go wrong if you are willing to put the effort in to use them to their full potential.

  • Louise 06 Mar 2014 8:33pm () in Making a difference to student engagement and learning?

    Hi Mary-Anne

    Good question. I often ask myself if having Ipads is making a difference to my children's learning and my teaching. I have noticed the level of engagement of my learners and with such a variety of options to complete certain tasks they are the ones in the drivers seat and making the decisions, therefore managing their own learning. The amount of sustained learning that children are doing is very noticeable.

    However, other than observation and anecdotal notes, I have not found a way of measuring this so far and would also be interested in what others are doing.



  • Louise 04 Mar 2014 1:22pm () in Loopster and editing

    HI, I was wondering if anyone could help. 

    We are using Loopster, an app for editing our videos. When we close the app for the day, and reopen it it comes up with a menu with our video, but sometimes the video does't open. it just looks like it's loading and then the whole app Shuts down. Is it possible to get this open without the students doing all their work again. 

    Thanks, Louise

  • Louise 01 Mar 2014 8:13am () in Integrating iPads into the maths programme

    I think Khan academy would be a good one To show how someone else's explanation is sometimes more effective than the teachers. Also virtual manipulatives for fractions.

  • Louise 08 Jun 2013 7:46pm () in Opening up a file from Dropbox in explain everything

    No I don't, did it on one of the kids Ipads, but your probably right. Will try again. Should I save as video clip? thanks Allanah

  • Louise 08 Jun 2013 3:07pm () in Opening up a file from Dropbox in explain everything

    I create a file yesterday on explain everything app and then put it in my class dropbox. Im now at home on my Ipad and tried to open the file but I only get a screen shot opening up on the explain everything app. I was hoping I would still be able to interact with the file as it was an interactive activity. Does anyone know how to open up the file that I saved?