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KaineHokianga's discussion posts

  • KaineHokianga 07 Sep 2013 5:44pm () in Being an Associate Teacher

    I am part of an associate teacher support programme being run through Massey University. It is my first time being an associate teacher and I am looking forward to it! I was hoping to get tips from those of you experienced with student teachers with regards to supporting the student in the classroom. We have sorted out goals to achieve within this practicum and my student seems confident and competent, so I am pretty keen to ensure she makes the most of her time in my class. Any tips?


  • KaineHokianga 07 Sep 2013 5:34pm () in Introductions


    I'm a Yr7/8 teacher at Palmerston North Intermediate Normal School and have been for 4 years now. I have interests in Sport, Health and PE, tikanga and te reo Maori, and Pasifika education. I am looking forward to interacting with others in this group!

  • KaineHokianga 22 Aug 2013 4:43pm () in Engaging with our Pasifika parents, families and communities

    I have a committee leadership role with regards to Pasifika at an intermediate school with a low Pasifika population and the problem of parental and community connection is one at the foremost of our thoughts. I have enjoyed reading the thoughts and opinions of the contributors above because of the intent of the conversation: involving Pasifika communities in our schools to help support our Pasifika learners.

    Some of the ideas that have floated around in conversations with other colleagues at my school have included making use of skill sets within the Pasifika communities and bringing them into school, like: celebrating Pasifika foods and celebrating Pasifika arts. The intention being to establish some initial meet and greet opportunties and begin to breakdown the 'unknowns' that may be considered as 'blockers' for Pasifika parents to come into the school environment. 

    I'd really appreciate any thoughts or opinions about if these ideas have worth and how they may be put into action.