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  • paulahay 20 Nov 2016 11:18pm () in Enabling e-learning forum: Look how far we've come | NAPP Kōrero 14 2016

    Ka pai Lawrence!

    I too was at SingularityUNZ and found myself reflecting often on my current thinking about Educational Leadership and NAPP (and I will admit to challenging some of my thinking as well).  I absolutely agree that the exponential rate of technological development is going to have a huge impact on the status quo and one of the biggest challenges education faces is either keeping up or becoming obsolete. Are we innovating around the edges of education or are we "disruptively innovating"? Are we ready for a world where $1000 can buy you the computer processing capacity of a human brain? 

    One of the many questions coming from the Summit was around how might we use technology to enable greater equity with our students? not create a bigger divide?   Sue Suckling's talk was great, and I cannot wait until the recording is made available to share.

    This (exponential tech growth) has def been a new way of thinking for me over the past few months.  Applying some of the concepts to leadership - enabling an environment where individuals feel capable to try new ideas; thinking outside the box (or even, is there a box?); remembering that the light wasn't invented by constantly improving the candle.

  • paulahay 20 Nov 2016 3:22pm () in Why are innovator’s mind-sets and in-depth collaboration and cooperation crucial in resourcing ILEs? | NAPP Kōrero 6 2016

    Kia ora Rachel

    I have been thinking more and more recently about innovation vs reimagining the whole process (disruption?) If innovation is just using what we have (or maybe new tech) to do the same old things, then is this really changing the mindset? or, like you mentioned, merely substituting one tool for another in completing the same task. 

    Recently I saw this diagram used to talk about exponential economics - and the disruptive innovations vs sustaining innovations - and I was trying to think about this in terms of education. 

    Are we constantly trying to innovate in a sustaining way, or are we innovating in a disruptive way?  Put another way, are we implementing tech to substitute what we are currently doing, or are we implementing tech in ways that is disrupting what our current practice is? 

    How comfortable/uncomfortable are we with this? And yes, do we have the time to explore this? Should we expect leaders to allow for time to unpack this thinking and maybe apply prototypes in our spaces? I would say yes, this should be happening.

  • paulahay 30 Nov 2015 4:29pm () in Sharing Resources

    Have you tried Pond? www.pond.co.nz ?

    ahhh... Pete, you beat me to it!

    Well done :)