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  • TanyaK 27 Apr 2015 3:52pm () in Best apps to support literacy & numeracy

    More reading - those apps are interactive and hook the children into them, hours and hours of fun


    The Waterhole


  • TanyaK 27 Apr 2015 3:45pm () in Best apps to support literacy & numeracy

    More Math

    Thinking Blocks - by Math playground                       Addition to 20(stage 5)

    Let's Do Maths - Number Bonds to 10 ,100 and 1000   (add pairs to make10, add pairs to make20, add pairs to make50, make 100, make 200, make 500 and make 1000)

    Math Town and Math Museum

    Math machine (available in both english and maori) excellent NZ content


  • TanyaK 27 Apr 2015 3:35pm () in Best apps to support literacy & numeracy

    Hi Allanah

    Some apps I have found particularly valuable with supporting learners with their writing are:

    iWordQ (UK version) - excellent with many processing disorders, dyspraxia, dyslexia, APS is costly but well worth it many parents have also bought it for their children when they have trialled it

    Dragon dictation - turns speech into text

    Book Creator - use this as a book for students who are reluctant writers especially great because they can add pictures/photos

    Popplet - great for mind mapping, organising ideas, note taking, keywords and can also add photos to, timelines, many many uses

    QRCodes/Scan (for both reading and writing they find this particularly creative and quickly overcome their reluctance)

    Reading - Learning Media have many books as apps now aimed at L13 and above I think can't be 100% sure)

    ShowMe (reading and writing)




    Math Bingo 

    Hungry Fish - Motion Math have many great apps

    MathTapper Apps such as Clockmaster, multiplies, fractions