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Rae Marsh's discussion posts

  • Rae Marsh 09 Jan 2016 1:42pm () in Badges/digital badges and gamification

    I too am keen to find out more about digital badges/trophies.  As we become more into using google apps, it would be a great way of giving out awards/rewards.  I like the sound of many students going above and beyond requirements.

    The why and how the badges/trophies are used and awarded would be very useful.


  • Rae Marsh 08 Aug 2013 5:55pm () in iPad app to replace black teacher folder (primary school)?

    I have used Planbook (hellmansoft) for the last 5 years or so. I love it!  Jeff Hellman has been very responsive over the years to include features teachers have asked for. He is  a teacher in the US (secondary). He has listened to us primary teachers and made it just as useful for all. He has made iPad app. Syncs well with Mac application but I have found you do need to close your planbook each time you finish using it or you will get a conflicted copy on other device. Good addition this year has been the ability when using planbook on OS 10.8 you can browse previous versions. 

  • Rae Marsh 20 Jun 2013 8:18pm () in Apple Configurator Update

    Fantastic! Do you mean that these improvements are directly related to an update?