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Stu Morrison's discussion posts

  • Stu Morrison 27 Mar 2017 11:54am () in To what extent do innovative learning environments support 21st Century Skill Development?

    Hi there

    I also am very interested in this. It is the topic of a literature review I am just starting as part of a mindlab course I am currently involved in.

    I was thinking of looking at it from the perspective of lifting student achievement and I like the angle you are taking as well. I would be very interested to see what research there is out there supporting both sides of the fence. 

    I would also love to hear from anyone that is teaching in one of these environments and their take on it.

    Cheers, Stu

  • Stu Morrison 04 Feb 2014 8:46pm () in Synching and charging

    Thanks guys. Really appreciate your ideas. A lot of the stuff we have thought through already so twas reassuring to hear the same from you. Low Tech is certainly sounding more and more attractive.


  • Stu Morrison 01 Feb 2014 9:53am () in Synching and charging

    We are fairly new to our iPad journey. We have just purchased a pod of 15 iPads and are now looking at ways of synching and charging. Has anyone used Tech Tubs or PowerPad 15 for this task. If so do you recommend them? I apologise if this topic has already been covered. Even if you could point us towards some good info would be great.

    cheers, Stu

  • Stu Morrison 10 Jun 2013 12:47pm () in Synchronising.

    Hi. Just joined group and I apologise if this Q has already been dealt with. Is there an easy way to synch android tablets within the school? We are umming and ahing between Android and iPads. Is there a volume licensing arrangement as well? Cheers and Thanks.


  • Stu Morrison 09 May 2013 8:13pm () in ipads - dataprojector and Reading Apps

    You van get em cheaper on Trademe. Can't vouch for the quality though.

  • Stu Morrison 05 May 2013 9:20am () in Successful wifi access for iPads to TV screens and projectors?


    We are currently in the throes of investigating iPads etc. I have been having a play with Air Server and so far it's been running fine through my lap top. (Windows) Initially we had a recurring error but a quick trip to the airserver website found an easy fix in their FAQ's.

    We do have very good WiFi