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  • Roxy Hickman 31 Jul 2014 9:21pm () in The real reason children fidget

    It is great to hear different strategies that are being used successfully with students! 

    Megan, my chiropractor tells me I should use a swiss ball when I am working on the comupter, so you are on to a good thing there! I have recently seen these wobble chairs, (they would take up less space and won't roll away, but probably come at a higher cost)


    What other strategies are being used in classrooms? 

  • Roxy Hickman 29 Jul 2014 9:41pm () in Examples of Inclusion - Everyone's In: Part 1

    "This video series takes a candid and compelling look at how a school district is building an inclusive education system. The series profiles nine district schools that are doing amazing work to create welcoming learning environments for all students – regardless of their background, needs or abilities. The videos shine a spotlight on how school communities are coming together to ensure diversity is fully embraced and nurtured within a culture that strives to help all kids feel a sense of self-worth and value." Edmonton Public Schools District in Canada celebrate Inclusive Learning: Everyone’s In.

    There are some very uplifting thoughts about inclusion throughout this overview of the schools involved in the Inclusive Education: Everyone's In Project. 

    Inclusive Learning - Everyone's In - Overview of the Series


    This series also comes with a Learning Guide to support the videos. It includes questions for further discussion. Here are some examples which you might reflect on yourself, share back within your school or share with us here on the VLN. 

    • What phrases/words do you associate with the term “Inclusion”?
    • What does Inclusion mean to you?
    • What are your school’s beliefs on Inclusion?
    • What are some challenges you/your school faces regarding inclusion?
    • What does an “Inclusive setting” mean to you?
    • How does your school encourage the contributions of all learners?
    • How does your school create an environment in which all students are included as one community?
  • Roxy Hickman 29 Jul 2014 7:19pm () in Classroom Planning

    You're quite right Tim, I was looking at iCal rather than Google. However, they do talk to each other. Also the Google Calendar allows you to choose a Google Doc to attach.

  • Roxy Hickman 28 Jul 2014 8:50pm () in Classroom Planning

    Hi Louise, Yes when you add your note in your calendar it gives you the option of adding a URL or attachment. 

  • Roxy Hickman 28 Jul 2014 2:32pm () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    It's brilliant to have so much input here with many different resources and views on what this could look like.

    From what I can see is there are two important factors: 

    1. Taking care when using your iPad (like in the poster that Vanessa shared) and
    2. Being safe when in an online environment (as Tara has shared)

    I think both of these are important as it depends on where each individual student is at; their age, their level of independence or supervision required, what they will be using the iPad for, what behaviours we want to highlight for them.

    Accessibility is a key idea too. I wonder how can we design something as a whole using multiple means of representation but can also be personalized for individuals?

    Nathaniel I like your Safebook graphic because it is simple, clear and to the point.

    Trudi, I think the simplicity of what you have there is what Judy was originally trying to achieve. Four key values that “say it all”. 


    Some great ideas… keep them coming! 

  • Roxy Hickman 24 Jul 2014 10:19am () in Using QR Codes to Support Accessibility

    Thanks Allanah, 

    That is an awesome resource and plenty more ideas for promoting accessibility. 

    A few other resources about using QR Codes:


  • Roxy Hickman 22 Jul 2014 2:45pm () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    Why don't we start some collaboration here with a brainstorm of ideas...

    1. Can we come up with a kid friendly name for the "code of conduct"? 

    2. What do you see as important to include? 

  • Roxy Hickman 18 Jul 2014 1:53pm () in iPad code of conduct for students with special needs

    Hi Jenny, 

    I think this is a great idea and would probably benefit some junior classes using iPads as well. I will talk with others about this idea and see if anyone is using something already. It would be an awesome resource to share.  

  • Roxy Hickman 14 Jul 2014 9:29pm () in Using QR Codes to Support Accessibility

    I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to get into QR codes! It wasn’t until one of my colleagues shared with me how she used them in a PD workshop that I really got excited about the potential of these little gems, particularly for accessibility. (Thanks Emily Kennan for sharing!)

    I think the point that I was missing was that QR codes can be used for so much more than bringing up a website. Using QRstuff I can also generate plain text, a map, a link to a Dropbox item, an SMS message, an iTunes link, just to name a few.

    Using QR Codes

    One thing I like about QR codes is the fact that I don’t need to be accurate at typing, I don’t need a steady hand, and I don’t even need to push a button at the right time. I just need to hold my device up in the general direction of the QR Code. This in turn gives more students’ independent access to a whole range of resources.

    QR Codes and speak selection

    This is where my thoughts turn to how we could make QR codes work for even more students. If we were to pair a plain text QR code with some of the accessibility features on an iPad, we are now able to enlarge the print that is written on the board at the front of the classroom or on a paper handout (as the teacher would include a QR Code with the written information) or better still we could listen to it using “speak selection”.


    I have heard of adding QR Codes to library books to extend the resource to multiple media types, but how else have you used QR Codes in the classroom to enhance accessibility? 

    Image Source: http://www.mrswideen.com/2013/04/using-padlet-qr-codes-and-ipads-oh-my.html  

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  • Roxy Hickman 10 Jul 2014 9:10pm () in Support for Priority Learners

    Hi Ros, 

    You may find the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) group helpful. There are lots of discussions around inclusive practice and creating learning opportunities and environments that consider and cater for everyone from the outset. 

    Of particular interest to you may be the discussions:

    Start with the learner at the centre and what their specific learning needs are, when considering if an app or tool is relevant for each student. 

    Take some time and have a look at how the UDL Guidelines may help influence your practice, by providing:

    • Multiple means of engagement
    • Multiple means of representation 
    • Multiple means of action and expression

    I hope this helps with your search.