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Rosey Kara's discussion posts

  • Rosey Kara 10 Sep 2016 3:14pm () in Google Drive App

    All our students have their own school email and do their computer work on Google Drive. We are using Hapara which means I can share activities, work, web link, etc with them in the appropriate folder (eg: all their reading activities go in the reading folder, same for Maths, etc. I can access their work and comment on it and because it's stored on The Drive it doesn't take up any storage space, its all stored in the Drive. Hapara costs us about $2/child/year. 

  • Rosey Kara 16 Nov 2013 5:22pm () in Creating email addresses for students - naming conventions at your school?

    I am trying to come up with a plan at the moment too. Luckily I don't have kids with the same names, but couldn't you put the 2nd letter of their last name? eg: jacksm..... and jackst, that may work, as long as the second letter of their surnames aren't the same. 

    I am at Whakatane Intermediate school so have a home room class which would be quite different to high schools.

    I thought I would have first name+last initial+school initials+our classroom number@...

    eg: roseykwis10@...

    I think it needs to be as simple as possible for you and them to remember and keep track of. You could maybe use the 3 last digits of their phone number which would be easy for you to track. I guess if you are worried about privacy, that wouldn't work so well.

  • Rosey Kara 26 Mar 2013 8:46pm () in Cyber Bullying Resolution

    Hi Nicole, we are working on this at the moment, with some incidents this week of text bullying. I am happy for you to private email me at rosey@wistecom.school.nz and I can tell you about incidents and how we have dealt with them and resolved some.