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  • Grant Peacock 22 Apr 2015 10:22pm () in Embedding Non-Google Content

    Oops - I lied. I didn't use the iFrame gadget, just pasted the embed code using the HTML editor view and then changed the http references to https.  

  • Grant Peacock 22 Apr 2015 10:04pm () in Embedding Non-Google Content

    Kia ora!  Yes that was very helpful.  Using the iframe gadget and changing any reference of "http:" to "https:" has allowed me to embed a BBC bytesize object that was previously impossible.  Thank you so much Monika!

  • Grant Peacock 21 Apr 2015 7:24pm () in Embedding Non-Google Content

    I'm hoping someone can shed some light on why the embed code I try to use in my GAFE site never work.  We dropped KnowledgeNet last year in favour of using GAFE but embed codes I was familiar with using and working in KnowledgeNet don't see to work using the iFrame or Embed gadgets in GAFE.

    I've been successful embedded a padlet simply by copying and pasting the provided iframe code into the html of my GAFE site, however this doesn't work for other codes (e.g. Tagul, popplet).

    Are others able to embed non-Google objects into a GAFE site? Perhaps there is an admin setting that is disallowing such content?  What's the difference between the embed and iframe gadget and simply pasting directly into the html code?

  • Grant Peacock 31 Oct 2014 3:30pm () in Best Chromebook Model - 2 vs 4 Gb

    Hi Hamish

    Thanks yes!  That helps a lot.  I'd be interested to know your thoughts on the three Chromebooks you tested this year.  They are the three models (along with a Lenovo) that we have been researching - no actual hands on experience with them though.


  • Grant Peacock 31 Oct 2014 8:28am () in Best Chromebook Model - 2 vs 4 Gb

    Hi all

    We are hoping to begin a lease on our first Chromebooks very soon.  We are currently researching the best model and hope to benefit from the experience of others.  We would love to hear your stories (positive or negative) about the Chromebook brands/models.

    One question we have in particular is the extend of RAM - is 2Gb or 4Gb better.  Obviously the more the  merrier when it comes to RAM but here is often a considerable difference in price.  How have those who have selected 2Gb models found their performance?

    What other options would you advise - Display Port vs HDMI, SD Card slot, USB ports?

    Any advice greatly appreciated.



  • Grant Peacock 26 Oct 2013 10:03am () in Cloud based learners leaving our domain...


    We havent faced this yet but have thought about it. At this point (untired) we thought that a letter home to families explaining the situation and suggesting parent supervise their child's creation of their own Google account. All school account material could then be moved to one folder on their drive and that top level folder shared with the new private user. That should allow the children to then copy the one folder to their new private drive. The school would set a date by which this process had to be finished and at that point all school accounts would be disabled. You might not delete these for 6 months to a year. 


    I look at at it as being a final step in their primary school learning about digital citizenship. It replicates the process we use for their physical work and as we know, some families abandon their child's work in the desk at year's end in the context also. 


    Just my my thoughts and not yet tried or tested. Would be interested to know what you do decide on. 

  • Grant Peacock 24 Jun 2013 10:56pm () in Setting up contact groups

    We created a google group (eg teachers) made all teachers members of the group. The group is given its own address (eg teachers@myschool.school.nz) and all teachers can be contacted via that group address. Also has the advantage of creating a threaded discusion within the groups area of your Google domain. We also created similar groups for each syndicate. These are used for syndicate meetings and, as the princiobelisk a member of all syndicate groups, she also receives the minutes of wall syndicate meetings automagically!!  Mail sent to google group addresses can have a suffix such as [senior syndicate] automatically added to the subject to make searching your inbox or filtering mail easier.  


    No one In your domain needs to create a group in their individual contacts list as you now have a domain wide group. 


  • Grant Peacock 30 May 2013 6:25pm () in Up loading videos for viewing

    Dropbox or the like could be used for thus purpose. Once approved you could
    then upload to a YouTube account for general viewing.

  • Grant Peacock 15 May 2013 3:10pm () in Ruckus Wireless setup for sale - Off Topic a bit -

    Dear Warren

    Is this equipment still available?


    Grant Peacock