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  • Mike Forrest 07 May 2014 8:47pm () in Goolge Drive - Moving Shared Folders - How do we stop this?

    Hi Piki and Karla

    This is very useful advice (as long as your user follow it!).

    Just need to correct the add file/folder info for Mac users. To add a file or folder Mac users should hold down the option key when dragging the file or folder to another folder. 

    If they did this with a 'regular'* file or folder on their hard drive, or local server it would make a duplicate in the new location. And we all know how annoying it can be when users start creating multiple versions of important shared files and folders!

    With google based files and folders it is more like creating an alias or short-cut in the new location. Staff who aren't sure what folder to file things in so they can find them again love being able to 'file' in multiple locations but know they will only ever be working on the one file.


  • Mike Forrest 30 Jan 2014 9:53pm () in Purchasing cromebooks for 1:1 computing

    Hi Sarah. This line of products are worth looking at - http://www.lockanddock.co.nz/  We got some of the PC Vaults. Not the cheapest but pretty robust. 

  • Mike Forrest 17 Nov 2013 7:30pm () in Creating email addresses for students - naming conventions at your school?

    Hi Rosie

    Using a current classroom number means they may have to get a new email next year. Begins to leave a cluttered digital footprint.

    Some clusters are beginning to look at transferring accounts when students transfer to intermediate or college. They keep the identifier and switch the domain name. So identifiers with school initials or references may become awkward too.



  • Mike Forrest 13 Nov 2013 4:46pm () in Creating email addresses for students - naming conventions at your school?

    Hi. We are using hapara teacher dashboard as well. We use firstname first 2 letters, surname first 2 letters, random 3 digit number @ domain.

    So Mine (Mike Forrest) would be mifo376@cashmere-ave.school.nz (or some other random number in the middle). 

    The random number means students have some control of who they share their email with within the domain. if we'd used 2 digit year of birth,other students and parents would very easily work out their email address, taking away the ability for them to choose who they share with.




  • Mike Forrest 23 Sep 2013 2:08pm () in File management, security and de-provisioning users in the 'cloud'
    We are exploring Google apps for education, and the possibility of shifting our file management from our local server to google drive.  We are really interested to hear of other schools experiences and advice.
    Some key areas to explore for us are:
    - naming conventions,
    - ways to protect critical files (back-up?),
    - deprovisioning users that leave with transfer of critical files they have created
    First is a organisation that shares some of their thinking about what they are up to in this area.
    The second is a google guide to it.
    Both suggest setting up 'non-human' admin user(s) to create the file structure (so can't be deleted for ever, and doesn't need to be transferred if someone leaves)
    The first one talks about a monthly transfer of ownership of all files to the non-human user. Sounds like a manual process.
    The google one talks about training people to transfer ownership of things they upload. Which is about a three step process, and i'm not convinced that everyone would do it.