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Teresa's discussion posts

  • Teresa 04 Jul 2013 10:47am () in Syncing iPhoto and iMovie from ipad to MacBook

    Thank you so much! The photo transfer app is great. I can recommend it for larger files. Still not as easy as plugging the ipad into the macbook but better than dropbox or email. 

  • Teresa 02 Jul 2013 4:21pm () in Syncing iPhoto and iMovie from ipad to MacBook

    Thanks for that. So it's not easy... Come on Apple!

  • Teresa 01 Jul 2013 9:08pm () in Syncing iPhoto and iMovie from ipad to MacBook

    Just wondering if anyone can help... We are using configurator- latest version. When we connect our iPads to our MacBooks through the USB cable, the ipads wont sync with iphoto or imovie? The files are obviously too large to email and we haven't had any luck with dropbox. Our technician tells us that he hasnt got the answer??? There must be a way. Any ideas? Cheers

  • Teresa 01 Jul 2013 8:51pm () in Apple tv

    Thanks for this, guys- may explain the issues I've been having. I will definitely investigate further. Cheers

  • Teresa 27 Jun 2013 8:42pm () in Apple tv

    Having the same problems myself. Seems any device in the vicinity can disrupt what you're playing with aple tv and it keeps dropping out. Issues with dvds and audio too. I've tried reflector with and without cables but they all have their drawbacks. Apparently we have a robust wifi system??! Still searching for the answer...