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  • Campbell 19 Aug 2015 12:48pm () in BYOD for All

    I personally think this is a brilliant idea and one that will become far more valuable in time. We have a very fractured education system when it comes to IT hardware with some schools wining and others falling far behind and the BYOD area even more so. IT offerings in schools are certainly not on an even playing field and with the amount of redundant hardware that is available in the corporate and private world as we update laptops, pads, phones, etc. Quickly, there is a real need and solution to get these into schools for students to use. 

    I will be donating some hardware to this for sure, as its better being used than sitting in my drawer at home. 

  • Campbell 09 Jul 2013 9:19am () in Who decided your current school BYOD policy?

    Hi All

    eTV attended and recorded sessions form the latest BYOD conference at Orewa College. These videos are available free to all schools in New Zealand as part of the eTV library within www.etv.org.nz 

    Any school can have access to the free service of eTV by simply going their and siging up. Then they can see the Orewa presentations. 

    hope this helps further



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