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Heather Harper's discussion posts

  • Heather Harper 26 May 2014 9:44pm () in Chromebooks

    I have just had technical issues with Acer in the past and that has prejudiced me against them. They certainly do what all the other chromebook s do. As Simon says shop around and see if you can get a demo product to tootoo with.

  • Heather Harper 26 May 2014 8:20pm () in Chromebooks

    We have just purchased some Chromebooks the Samsung variety. Has a good name and fits the purpose. Steer clear of Acer they no good. Just had a link sent re the HP Chromebook, they look quite good too they have 2 USB ports (Samsung only have one) a bigger screen and look slim and classy, mind you the Samsung are classy and slim too. Price wise fairly similar. Love the instant power. HP claim to start up in 7 seconds, Samsung are 8 seconds (too similar to worry about)

  • Heather Harper 21 May 2014 10:00am () in So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

    I am finding it hard to get my head around the whole Apple Configurator / Meraki ipad management...Currently we have about 40+ ipads and the team has just purchased a whole lot more. I am concerned about the management so have told staff at the moment to only download free APPs. We have a school itunes account for this, However I am now at the stage where I need to do it legally and easier to manage as I currently am setting them all up individually. I have my technician working on a solution   Meraki run through an imac. I will see how this goes.

  • Heather Harper 15 Apr 2014 9:23pm () in How are you using QR codes in your class?

    No Problem Tania.

    Here is the link to the document with questions and codes on it. https://docs.google.com/a/maeroa.school.nz/document/d/1fymchPwGdB7q_Eobp1uRJLhhGW6Iv-WIKhlPPrAz4v8/edit 

    You have to be careful how you word the questions as I didn't want the students to just google the answer, so made sure the question specifically related to the web address.

    I think having a variety of devices / tools is important.

  • Heather Harper 15 Apr 2014 8:12pm () in Using Meraki as ipad MDM

    Hi Robyn

    I would like to know this too.

  • Heather Harper 14 Apr 2014 8:26pm () in How are you using QR codes in your class?

    I wanted to get teachers and students using the ipads and surface tablets in their classrooms so I created a QR Code Competition. Got APPs downloaded and then posted up questions onto a map of school, Students then had to do orienteering around school, scan Q R Code and screenshot the website and answer the question. As we were really focussing on Science this term thequestions were science based.

    This was enjoyed by students and they want to know when the next one is happening. I'm going to do one every term. I love QR Codes and always looking for ways they can be used. Cool site http://www.schrockguide.net/qr-codes-in-the-classroom.html 

  • Heather Harper 14 Apr 2014 2:43pm () in Gaming in education | An Enabling e-Learning webinar and discussion

    Do we need to "teach" Minecraft? Thought Provoking.

    Last year I started a group session of Minecraft during one of our break times during the school day. This happened through pressure from a couple of individual students. I was very hesitant at first,as I had a negative/uninformed view of gaming but they finally convinced me.

    Word spread... I tried to sit down and do tutorials about Minecraft in the holidays, but I'm sorry, I don't have a gamers brain and it really was over my head. (Do I really need to be able to understand how to play the game?) I really wanted these students to have the opportunity to get involved in something during their break times, as interestingly alot of the keen students were the students who tended to be loners, slightly social misfits, quiet and introverted...and yes obsessive.

    These students have blown me away with the problem solving, collaboration, tech savvy, creative abiity and the way they appreciate others ability and skills. The room is loud and active. Every time they come in I have a task for them to build and when they complete that, they take a photo on the ipad for me to either print or just have a copy of. I know that the social interaction that is happenng, has to be beneficial, even if, when they explain to me what they are doing still goes over my head.

    I wanted to see what a small group could come up with so I have them creating a virtual tour of the school....listening to the conversations..."shall we make the rooms 6 by 6?"..."No that might be too small to fit in "... maths perspectives, design, trying and failing so trying another way... great life skills. This will probably take them all year...

    The virtual school caught fire the other day so I had 4 boys racing in after school "Miss, miss the school is on fire can we try to fix? We've got Chase to help us as he's an expert..." The school was slowly getting filled with water... but ten minutes later it looked like the libary was flooded, the fire out and the water started to drain. " well " said one student. "We will just have to build it up again next week and make sure we don't test those fire alarms again" These guys rock. I think of the Key Competencies, these guys rock them.

    Do we need to teach minecraft??  Nah!  Digital Citizenship  Yes.

    How can we use Minecraft to enhance students learning?  Well....


  • Heather Harper 08 Apr 2014 8:33pm () in Video editors for Surface Tablets

    We have a variety of different digital technologies in our classrooms at school, price and knowing that the device is the tool only, have influenced us in this direction. We did not want to be locked into one device / operating system/ brand name...Choice, being able to choose the right device for the purpose of the learning intention...

    We have ipads, surface tablets, netbooks,laptops,  workstations and looking at possibly chromebooks. To get the most out of all these devices is an exciting and motivating opportunity.

    I want a good video editing app/s (similar to moviemaker / imovie) or free online webtool that I can attach to the  our surface tablets. I have found Blink Cliplets and Clip Collage Movie Maker, but was wondering if anyone has used any good ones, easy to use being a priority, that they can reccomend. 

  • Heather Harper 28 Mar 2014 12:57pm () in Managing YouTube in schools

    I am interested to hear how other schools manage their Youtube downloads for teachers and students. Currently only teachers have access to Youtube in our school, however with students starting to use our digital technologies more and the fact that we are going through a development process with Digital Citizenship, more and more often students may need to access youtube.

    We have just been SNUPped so our wireless network is good, we have just joined N4L so we have reasonable speed. We are getting more and more mobile devices...

    Do we continue to restrict our students in the resources they can access?

    Do we open it up and possibly risk the speed loss or complete stoppage as it is hard to keep track on all devices at all times (15 - 30 students all on Youtube at once#####)

    Love to hear how other schools, especially Intermediates manage this.  

  • Heather Harper 27 Mar 2014 8:52pm () in Advice for iPad Management

    We are in a similar position Amy, so I would be very interested to see what other people have used and found work.