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Heather Harper's discussion posts

  • Heather Harper 07 Apr 2017 3:30pm () in Rotation Blended Learning

    Are you using this model in your classroom? Can you describe what your classroom looks like, sounds like... when you are using this model? I'm interested to share this with colleague. Do you limit the areas of curriculum used or do it for everything?

  • Heather Harper 11 Oct 2016 12:01pm () in Transferring Google Site

    I would like to know how to transfer a Google Site from a School managed GAFE to another gmail account. Many teachers have their teacher as Inquiry for registration purposes...on a site and if they leave a school and go to another it says the site belongs to the school. This is a very valuable record for a teacher so they want to be able to transfer it with them when they change schools.

    Can anyone help?

  • Heather Harper 22 Sep 2015 11:53am () in Stopping students from resolving comments

    Thanks Allanah and Hannah for your feed forward. Will look into an APP

  • Heather Harper 21 Sep 2015 3:56pm () in Stopping students from resolving comments

    Is there a way we can stop students from resolving comments on slides/docs/..that we have written, but on work that they have shared with us. Trying to let students  know that it is part of our formative assessment and their pathway of learning.

    Can anyone help?

  • Heather Harper 15 Sep 2015 10:09am () in Chromebook management question.

    We have approx 100 chromebooks and are managing them ourselves. Have given each chromebook a static IP address and hoping that will help. It is a bit of a trial so we will see how we go. Have been doing this since beginning of this term and so far so good.


  • Heather Harper 20 Jul 2015 12:50pm () in HP 840G1 and 2

    We got some new HP laptops from TELA at the beginning of this year and we are having no end of trouble with them and projecting sound. All our teacher laptops are connected to televisions via HDMI cables (some with display port to HDMI adapters, as HP only come with display port outlets...) and these newer laptops won't play through the HDMI cables until you restart them. This is a hassle as you have to do it every time you plug the laptop into the HDMI.

    All the older laptops are straight plug and play no issues.

    Is there anyone else out there having this problem too? Can anyone help us? Do we have to just put up with this?

  • Heather Harper 02 Jul 2015 3:28pm () in Saving Google Slide for the future

    Thanks Tim. I will investigate this option.

  • Heather Harper 02 Jul 2015 3:28pm () in Saving Google Slide for the future

    That's a good idea Allanah. I'm just trying to come up with ways just in case the students want to keep their work at the end of the year. will definitely keep this idea in mind.

  • Heather Harper 02 Jul 2015 3:12pm () in Saving Google Slide for the future

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me. We are a GAFE school, however at the end of year 8 our students Google accounts are stopped as they go to a highschool. This year all our students have created really cool Student led conference Slide shows/Learning Journey Slideshows on Google Slides. The link to these will be lost when the account closes.

    Is there any way these Google Slides Presentations can be saved? As a video????I know they can create a new gmail account and transfer their whole account to that using Google Takeout I also know I could print them, but I was wondering if I could save them another way.


    Thanks if you can help

  • Heather Harper 25 May 2015 12:36pm () in Ipad Microphone

    Dare I ask. Can it be used on androids as well? I am looking for a decent generic microphone for workstations, androids and ipads.