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Heather Harper's discussion posts

  • Heather Harper 12 Feb 2020 4:51pm () in Digital Citizenship Programme?

    Best two resources I have used in past 10 years have been "At a Distance" (Netsafe) and Jigsaw assembly 8-10yr olds (UK). However they are possibly old now but not sure if there is anything more upto date.

  • Heather Harper 27 Mar 2019 10:06am () in Alternative to a Youtube Channel

    This is not really school related but I thought I would put it in here as I have great faith in my education colleagues to help me.

    My granddaughter wants to have a You tube channel so she can upload videos of her creating in her Minecraft worlds that she creates, slime making sessions and other creative ideas... 

    Are there alternatives to YOUTUBE channels where she could upload videos and share with her friends and family ?


  • Heather Harper 14 Jun 2018 9:43am () in Coding and robotics at Intermediate level

    Hi Tessa

    You always make such good sense and it is great to reconnect. I like the breakdown of the Progress Outcome. They all need to be made into kidspeak so we can understand them. I have had a look through Mindlabs Digital Passport as well. They break them down but go at quite a fast pace. Some great resources though.

    Any support you can help with would be most appreciated.

  • Heather Harper 11 Jun 2018 1:18pm () in Coding and robotics at Intermediate level

    I have been asked to start a coding and robotics programme up for students at an intermediate. Students experience range from none through to javascript and HTML experience. Wondering how to go about this and what resources (hands on, websites, programmes...) I sometimes wonder if the fundamental understanding of computational thinking, binary numbers and computer language... gets overlooked if students go straight into Scratch / Tynker / Hour of Code... Do they need that understanding?

    I really like Coding Unplugged  activities, lego mazes, algorithm basics... I'm Looking for suggestions and ideas. I have had a look at the MIndlab Digital Passport.

  • Heather Harper 18 May 2017 6:25pm () in Sharing Aurasma videos

    Thanks Philippa for this. I will take a look and let you know if I need more support. Love VLN for the help we get from others.

  • Heather Harper 29 Apr 2017 2:10pm () in Learner Agency

    Thanks Mike. So agree with your comments. Yes, Derek's quote ..."an awareness of the responsibility..." that you have mentioned , made me think of the holistic learner.

    The key competencies in NZC mention about being used to "...contribute as active members ..." There is the word active again. I think learner agency and KC have a very strong links.

    Teachers need to be able to make valid critical judgments about the effectiveness of their own learning and teaching,. so they can help their students. 

  • Heather Harper 29 Apr 2017 1:52pm () in Learner Agency

    Thanks Deirdre. I too am working on the Mindlab Lit Review. Thank goodness that's over now. I decided it was worse than childbirth in some ways.

    We were focusing on Rotational Blended learning model, but with 1:1 flipped learning would be good to try out.  might be good to trial in class first, then you can gauge those students that will stay focused and not get distracted on to other Internet temptations. Flipped learning is great as long as there is equity and equal access for all students. The idea of opening up classroom before and after school for those students that don't get to do it at home 

    So many variables, what are you going to flip? how long? what are students outside influences?, commitments, whanau expectations...

    Student agency is about taking action and heavily linked to the key competencies ???. 

    It's big ...


  • Heather Harper 26 Apr 2017 12:02pm () in Sharing Aurasma videos

    Ok. So I thought it would be really cool for the students in the class to create Aurasma videos stating their learning or behaviour goals for the term, over laying a photo of them in a waka on the wall of the classroom. Using my own personal devices we created these and the students taught each other. All went smoothly until I tried to share them of create an Aurasma account. As the wall display can only be accessed via their classroom thought this might be a great way of showing Whanau at Student conferences.

    Can anyone give me suggestions on how i can do this otherwise I will just have to make up QR Codes. Aurasma app needs to be installed on class ipad. The Aurasma s are set to show locally. The students have GAFE accounts and are on Google Classroom.

    Would appreciate any feedback


  • Heather Harper 12 Apr 2017 2:46pm () in Learner Agency

    Thanks Karla. Really appreciate the feedback. A great explanation

  • Heather Harper 12 Apr 2017 2:45pm () in Learner Agency

    Thanks Tessa. Always appreciate your support. I put this on as I am doing a Post Grad through Mindlab at the moment and this is research for a Literature Review and possibly teacher inquiry.