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Shar Teirney's discussion posts

  • Shar Teirney 09 Aug 2014 8:13am () in Ko hea ngā whakataukī e tau ana ki a koe?

    Ko te panoni tō te koiora ture

    Change is inevitable, the lore of life.

  • Shar Teirney 14 Nov 2013 5:01pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Kia Ora
    I agree with clarkl, developing relationships with those that pay a part in the growth and develop of the teaching and learning in your school is highly important. I believe that they need to be aware of the changes that need to happen and why. I have heard far too many times 'its not broken why fix it?' scenario, and can only think - REALLY? - We know that when the students we teach are grown the opprtunities and the technologies available to them will far exceed our imaginations.
    Therefore the Principal needs to be actively engaging whanau and staff to see the importance of creating digital citizens for tomorrows world, to have a plan and drive it, to use the time at hand, at use it well.

  • Shar Teirney 14 Nov 2013 4:39pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    Kia ora Mel
    It sounds like I am in a similar situation to you, where minimal numbers mean alot of commitments all around. However, we have identified the needs within our school and like yours, are making baby steps to start moving forward. the eLearning matrix is a great way to look at where we are at, our next steps and getting moving forward to creating great digital citizens.
    He mihi ki a koe hoki Maryrahiti
    Alot of our staff have some understanding of ICT but we have no masters so to speak to lead the way. We have been lucky enough to have become a Bel School where we have a provider leading the way. Staff then work together to reinforce and enhance our own learning. I like the way as a staff you share, trial, reflect and monitor throughout the year, this is something that I could do at kura. I would like to know how you monitor what is working and what doesnt? Then what is the next step for the staff?