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Julia Bevin's discussion posts

  • Julia Bevin 12 Mar 2013 2:49pm () in What is e-learning?

    I agree whole heartedly that the term e-learning will disappear as technology and online environments become 'everyday'. I am enjoying simply using the term 'learning' in my classroom to cover all their work (no such thingas school work and home work) - we are learning all the time! Hopefully moving from the lower levels of remembering and understanding to being evaluators and creators too.

  • Julia Bevin 23 Feb 2013 6:26pm () in e-Learning plans to shout about!

    starting with a post-grad paper in e-learning, a commitment to be as 'paperless' in my teaching as possible via Google Apps for Education and most importantly inspiring and motivating my students to be independent, self directed learners.