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  • stuart 06 Apr 2013 11:51pm () in General comments about LEARNZ

     In reply to your email Pete, I find the field trips as a great way of introducing vocab and scientific language to students. As well as teaching inquiry skills and science knowledge. I used the glossary section of the web site and selected words to use for word study prior to the field trip. We used the words for spelling activities, dictionary skills and quick writing activities. This is helpful for ESOL students that can have difficulty with vocab.

  • stuart 04 Apr 2013 4:02pm () in General comments about LEARNZ

    I am still using the Wetlands Biodiversity content from our class trip in February. It has engaged the year 4/5 students in true inquiry. Some students focused on the ice age while others followed endangered birds or native plants. We are now looking to make a difference with visits to other local conservation areas and develop a plan to help with planting or predator traping. Thanks LEARNZ you have got Winterslow Room off to a flying startSmile