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Alli Hamilton's discussion posts

  • Alli Hamilton 08 Sep 2013 8:58pm () in 2013: Leadership and strategic planning for e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 14

    How can principals take an active role in their school’s strategic planning to use technologies as part of effective teaching and learning?

    It has been great reading what everyone has written so far. Our school is looking at BYOD for 2014. In order for us to do this we are thinking about firstly, looking at selective classrooms to introduce BYOD. We are currently working through what it would look like and how it would affect our school structure. Our principal is very keen to see this happen and can see the value and necessity of e-learning for our school. But rather than roll it out throughout the school, we will trial a digital learning area amongst a certain amount of classrooms where there would be an element of team teaching amongst a cluster of 4 classrooms. We can already see who are the passionate e-learning teachers who would want to drive it within our school but we don't just want them to drive it in their classroom only but across a group of classrooms, so it becomes important that all the teachers involved need to be able to work together.

    Our school principal is hugely involved and is keen for this to happen. All principals need to see the need for e-learning and drive towards what it would look like at their school. For us the BYOD and having a selection of classrooms working together is the first step.