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  • TeAhua Park 24 Mar 2015 11:50am () in Using digital technologies to communicate with whānau

    Hi Chris

    One of the schools I work with has signed up for School App through SnApp Mobile.  The cost to develop it is about $1200,  The actual cost to maintain the app is relative to your school size, so for a school with 300, it will cost about $30 per month.  You can get more information from http://schoolappsnz.co.nz/ .

    The benefits from my perspective is that in my decile 1 community - most parents don't have a home computer or internet connection so their primary way of connecting is through a smart phone. (we surveyed parents to get this information)  The school app allows parents to send in absences, read class blogs (mobile friendly), view school notices, make direct calls to the school office, receive push notifications, complete surveys and a few other features.  You can get a free quote from the site above.  

    I think you made the best suggestion about surveying parents.  All communities are different and may prefer to be contacted, consulted, communicated with in a range of different ways.  I guess the thing for us as leaders and teachers is to remember this and plan for multiple means of engagement.  If the purpose of this is to communicate with parents and some prefer newsletter, some social media, some cloud based means, as long as the tools are meeting the purpose, do we need to have just one way?  :)  (Just my thoughts!)


  • TeAhua Park 02 Sep 2013 3:59pm () in Chrome Books

    Here is a link to the VLN Group about Chromebooks - /groups/profile/826377/chromebookchrome-user-group


    Local Suppliers of chromebooks:

    http://www.sitech.co.nz/acerchromebook - independent not authorised

    http://www.norrcom.com/node/118 - authorised reseller

    http://www.cycloneonline.co.nz/resource-group.aspx - authorised reseller

    http://fronde.com -authorised reseller


  • TeAhua Park 02 Sep 2013 12:19pm () in New App

    Here are two links to apps that you can investigate:

    Apps driven by student learning focus:   ( using technology to enhance the learning rather than the technology being the focus) http://edtechteacher.org/index.php/teaching-technology/mobile-technology-apps/ipad-as

    Top educational iPad apps for teachers – Taken from http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2013/04/top-educational-ipadTakenfr-apps-for-teachers.html

  • TeAhua Park 02 Sep 2013 11:22am () in Google apps for Education

    Another mind mapping program you can use is PADLET (which use to be called wallwisher).  You dont have to be using an ipad, and can access this site from any computer by going to http://padlet.com/  (so you will need internet access).  

    Here's a tutorial:


    It is very simple to use, and can be set up on one computer as a station to collect whole class views prior to starting a topic, or at anytime.  A really useful tool. Laughing

  • TeAhua Park 16 Apr 2013 9:19pm () in ICT school guidelines

    I was thinking about a school I was working with today.  Most of the teachers have a great vision for elearning that is...as you have mentioned Andy - that concentrates on 'Communication, Collaboration, Reflection, making appropriate choices, anytime/anywhere learning'.  Which I think is great (exactly what I think elearning should be about - and not just the tool)  but I noticed for the "less confident teachers" they really needed a list of things that they should concentrate on.  I found that interesting...as now I am thinking that lists of skills or programs/apps they could use, might really be benefical for a reluctant teacher in order to build his/her confidence in using technology...which isn't a bad thing...as a starting point. Some teachers are still not that comfortable to relinquishing control to their students and take on a facilitation role, or even a learner role.  So how can we support teachers in building their confidence?  Is it by using a list of skills that they can practise doing and hence show their students?  Just thought I'd throw that into the mix aswell. lol!  Would love some ideas! (Sorry Shane for slightly diverging). Laughing

    I think there is a whole lot of great discussion here that has made me analyse my practice and adjust my perspective. So thank you all for your input. I guess as long as we are doing things that are relevant, purposeful, meaningful and beneficial for our learners...(not for the sake of ticking a box or doing it for the sake of it) we shouldnt go wrong.  Keep the discussion coming.  Smile

  • TeAhua Park 16 Apr 2013 2:57pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Hi all again.

    Maybe I mis-interpreted list to meaning expectations, as what I shared was how to organise student
    expectations as they develop ICT competence and understandings effectively across all learning areas. 
    I do feel it is important to have certain skills and expectations that need to be taught when using ICT in inquiry, when creating, when communiticating, when talking about digital citizenship and cyber safety and when using ICT's.  And sometimes these expectations grow as students grow. As teachers, there are components that need to be explicity taught and sometimes these include ICT skills of use, so that early learners are scafolded.   "We didn't all learn to walk by just getting up and walking, although some of us may have".   We all need to have certain expectations in order for students to continue to learn and imporve on the skills they have.  Sometimes rubrics enable us to provide support tailored for differiated learners.  I am absoluetly agreeing with ICT not standing alone on the whole, but sometimes we do need to teach an ICT skill or using an app or program, in order to use it more boradly across the curriculum or to support teaching and learning. Just my thoughts.

  • TeAhua Park 15 Apr 2013 10:31pm () in ICT school guidelines

    Hi there.  I have looked at this model from Queensland schools.  it has some good indicators at differing year levels.  It may be a start.  http://education.qld.gov.au/smartclassrooms/documents/enabling-learners/pdf/student-ict-expectations.pdf

    would love to see what you create and what others in nz use as well.  Good luck.