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  • Angie Simmons 26 Sep 2013 11:53am () in Rolling Notes - Auckland Leadership Symposium

    Well done Chris and Monique for organising such a great event. I know it is a huge task organising something like that and you both did a wonderful job. There was something for all and I think Peter has summed it all up very well. The food and venue was awesome too! Have a look at the pics on the gallery - lots of very engaged participants. 

  • Angie Simmons 25 Sep 2013 8:42am () in Sharing Success

    I loved your post Monika, we need to get back to the Golden Circle as you have pointed out. I am finding that in schools where there is considerable success there is great leadership and this means unpacking the pedagogy behind 21st century learning. This takes time and in schools where there has just been a focus (despite my best efforts) on jumping straight in to using the new i-Pads or what ever the school has purchased there is not a deep understanding of the pedagogy and it all becomes very surface level learning using these tools.Some of my schools have made very small steps but huge in comparison with the beginning of the year especially in attitude. I love it when I see the changed attitudes and excitement on the teachers faces when their students talk positively about their learning using e-learning tools. One success has been with a very reluctant reception class teacher who refused to have anything to do with the contract at the beginning of the year. Now she has asked for a data projector in her room and is using every day for shared writing and reading. This is a huge step for her and she loves it. 

  • Angie Simmons 25 Sep 2013 8:30am () in Articulating a vision for eLearning

    Yes Chris it is vital to use the language of the 21st Century skills but it is essential that a lot of work is done around relating these concepts and understanding how they fit. It all comes down to leadership. Too often I find when working in schools the leaders do not spend enough time unpacking these ideas with teachers and they want to jump straight into using the e-learning tools so the vision statement and strategy plan is cobbled together around leadership discussion and not developed around a shared understanding with the whole staff. We really need schools to develop a deep understanding around the pedagogy and what it means to be a 21st century learner in order to move forward with e-learning. 

  • Angie Simmons 18 Sep 2013 1:43pm () in Introducing...the Northern community online

    HI, I'm Angie Simmons, BeL Facilitator for BeL North. I work with an interesting range of primary schools in the North and Central Auckland area. I love my job, especially the relationships that are formed with school leaders and teachers. Over the year I have seen positive changes being made which are leading our students towards an authentic 21st century learning environment. I have learned so much myself too and it is great to have such a fantastic dedicated and professional team to work with. 

    I look forward to learning more through this forum.

  • Angie Simmons 04 Jul 2013 9:32am () in Clicker apps

    Hi Catriona I am working with a teacher using those apps for work with two dyslexic children and they are great I used to use clicker when working with special needs students 

Angie Simmons

Blended e-learning facilitator for Te Toi Tupu. Previously classroom teacher and ICTPD facilitator.