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  • Chris Swanwick 03 Apr 2014 9:46pm () in BYOD Model

    eLearning Planning Framework is a great place to start from. Break it up into it's respective dimensions and have those conversations in the relevant groups to make it manageable. e.g. Leadership with SMT and eLead team, Learning and Teaching with Teachers etc. That said, everyone should be looking at the 'Beyond the Classroom' dimension really. All the resources are here

    Do you have support from an LwDT facilitator this year? I think you do from a colleague of mine? They will be an invaluable source of support and info. 

    Cybersafety and digital citizenship are really important. I'm going to give a plug to a friends site - Richard Wells HoD of Tech at Orewa College. He produces lots of highly visual, simple resources that I think I'm right in saying have been adopted by the school. Here is an example

    Roskill 4 Life! 

  • Chris Swanwick 30 Sep 2013 12:46pm () in Where's the evidence?

    One of the pieces of feedback that seemed to come through loud and clear from last week was that schools really appreciated the exampls of eLearning in action, and seeing real evidence of it impacting on engagement and achievement. 

    I know that Emma Winder has been enjoying succes for a little while now with her MyLearning classroom, and as I said on the day, several of the schools in her cluster, including the secondaries are looking at the model and working through trials of it for next year. 

    For those people in Whangarei, I think that Liz's presentation also had a powerful impact, and it's a message that could benefit from being broadcast more widely. It was a very human story of a small group of underachieving Maori students in Whakatane. Through eTools, they were able to be hooked up with an online mentor in the 'Granny Cloud'. Building closer links with the local wanaga to provide authentic, out of the classroom learning to those students, also seems to have been a powerful ingredient in their success. The story of the participants in the project achieving a 100% pass rate at NCEA Level 2 is a hugely compelling one and can not be ignored.

    So the evidence is in, eLearning methods work! The reality is, and I didn't quite have time to make this in my remarks, but so much of what we're trying to achieve with eLearning is not new. We've known for a long time now that parents or mentors involved early and more continuously impacts on students success. Same with authentic learning from outside of the classroom. Same with self directed learning, offering students more choice. These ideas are endorsed, and actually stated in the 'future focus' report. 

    The point is that with devices and wifi, we can now make learning look like that all the time, with far less effort than previously, and without playing phone tag trying to organise things with people from outside of school, or spending hourse as teachers cutting out card sorts and sugar paper (although these things are still fun:D). 

    So in amongst these ideas, I'd love to hear more of peoples tangible successes in this group. Sharing those sorts of stories is definitely a big part in assisting others to lead eLearning. 

  • Chris Swanwick 30 Sep 2013 12:34pm () in Feedback - Auckland Symposium

    This is great feedback, thanks so much Diane. Already plans afoot to make next year bigger and better. We learnt so many great lessons from running this, and are already ready to push the korero further! 

    Something early next year could be on the cards... :D 

  • Chris Swanwick 26 Sep 2013 4:44pm () in Creative Commons Session Slides

    Matt, thank you very much kindly agreeing to attend both days. It was fantastic to have you there, and we wish you all the best with growing awareness around the use of Creative Commons in schools. 

    A couple of months ago I downloaded the add ons for Microsoft Office. I now have a CC tab in Word, Excel and Powerpoint etc to apply licences to the works I create in those pieces of software. Were you aware of this or can you say any more about how to apply and use those?

  • Chris Swanwick 26 Sep 2013 4:33pm () in Opening Remarks - Slides and Notes

    Hi all, 

    I've shared here the pdf's from my slides and my opening remarks from both days. Feel free to message me or comment below if you'd like to extend the discussion. Remarks are in the Google Doc found here

  • Chris Swanwick 24 Sep 2013 6:52pm () in Articulating a vision for eLearning

    One of the topics that came up in our 'Building a vision for eLearning' session yesterday was around the language used to articulate the vision. One of the things I noted from the digital stories in enabling eLearning, and I'm thinking specifically of the St Hildas and Hinagaia Peninsula clips in particulary, is that they all use the langauge around the 21st Century skills to articulate their vision. They use terms like 'Getting connected', 'Collaborating', 'Learning flexibly', 'creativity' and others to sum their vision up in a pithy sentence. You always see this type of wording where the schools are moving into blended learning, either with Digital Classrooms, BYOD trials or Modern Learning Environment type developments. 

    'Getting connected' was even used by one of the Principals who contributed yesterday, as we discussed how far they'd come on their eLearning journey. 

    I mention this, because it usually stands in contrast with schools who have yet to start their eLearning journey and often seem to have a vision which is a loose rewording of the vision of the NZC, or is made up of values, which are important, but where it's dificult to draw a specific link to eLearning to. I'm thinking of things like 'academic excellence', 'positive relationships', 'tradition' or other ideas we usually find in school vision statements. These seem to be of limited use in getting the staff or the community to understand what it is you're trying to achieve by incorporating more tools in school (and possibly getting parents to buy into the idea of purchasing them). 

    So what do people think? Is it necessary to use the language of the 21st Century skills in order to help people understand where you're going with eLearning? Especially if this involves a new approach to pedagogy by the teachers in your organisation. 

  • Chris Swanwick 16 Sep 2013 2:52pm () in Announcements for the f2f event in Whangarei

    Julie Timmins will also be joining us in Whangarei. Julie is passionate about issues concerning child poverty and equality in our current system. She is a founder member and current associate of the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) since 1994. Julie has recently returned from Dublin, Ireland where she completed her Masters in Equality Studies and we're delighted she'll be joining us in Whangarei. 

  • Chris Swanwick 05 Sep 2013 10:42am () in Announcements for the f2f event in Whangarei

    Delighted to be able to confirm Carolyn Stuart, Education Sector Lead for the Network 4 Learning and former Principal of Tawa Intermediate, joining us in both Auckland and Whangarei for the Te Toi Tupu Blended eLearning Leadership Symposium. Carolyn has a wealth of experience in leading eLearning in schools, as well as in her current role with the N4L and we're really pleased to have gotten her to agree to come along to both of our events. More announcements soon. 

  • Chris Swanwick 04 Sep 2013 8:57am () in Announcements for the f2f event in Whangarei

    imageWe are pleased to announce Liz Stevenson, Project Leader for the National Blended eLearning PLD programme will be joining our line up of speakers in Whangarei. Liz has a huge range of experience in communication technologies in education, and is interested in the use of technologies to make education more learner centred. She is particularly interested in the innovative use of technology to support students from the priority learner groups to overcome some of the barriers to enhanced achievement and opportunity. We're delighted that Liz will be joining us in Whangarei. 

  • Chris Swanwick 04 Sep 2013 8:49am () in Announcements for the f2f event in Whangarei
    This thread will be used to make new announcements on the progress of the f2f events.