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  • Ray Burkhill 24 May 2016 1:09pm () in The strategic thinking roadmap - supporting development of your digital technologies action plan

    Kia ora Chris, thanks for posting this question.

    We have developed this guide in response to several queries from schools looking for a place to start and a process to move forward when planning to use digital technologies. I absolutely agree with you that each school's journey should be tailored to suit the needs of its own community.

    For that reason we have set up the guide as a framework, with supporting resources, to help facilitate those discussions at your school.

    In the planning section, we encourage you to think about your own school:

    • your vision and principles for using digital technologies, aligned to wider school thinking

    • an assessment of where your school is currently – consider: components, relationships, strengths, barriers, initiatives, and collaborations

    • a sense of progression from current to an improved future state

    • specific goals and actions, and how these will be achieved

    • provision for monitoring progress and evaluating impact against expectations.

    The answers to questions such as these will depend very much on your own priorities, albeit informed by external influences such as research and what you see happening in other schools.

    The feedback we have had from other school leaders who have used the guide so far has been encouragingly positive, so hopefully you will find something within the guide that suits your own purpose.

    Do feel free to contact the Connected Learning Advisory if you want any further support with using the guide. Ours is a free service to state and state integrated schools and you can contact us as follows:

    • Call the Advisory on 0800 700 400

    Ngā mihi




  • Ray Burkhill 10 Feb 2014 10:48am () in e-Learning 2014- where to now?

    Hi Stephen, great to see you posting on here...hope you managed to have a good break and resisted the temptation to send emails between Christmas and New Year (lol etc). I'm getting a sense from this post that you are making headway at MG and particularly pleased to see that you have a committee structure to back you up.

    I know that you feel you are behind other schools, but actually that isn't necessarily true. A lot of Christchurch secondary schools are near the start of their e-learning journeys. Even when they may have started down this path a year or more ago, we all know that secondary schools 'turn like super-tankers' and a committed individual like yourself can accelerate the process in any school.

    I think you've hit the nail on the head by wanting to get in touch with other schools. Only last week I was contacted by a teacher from Hornby HS (or Linwood West as I like to call it...Scot, Lynda, Dick, Karen to name but a few!) where I've been working, wanting to establish connections with other schools who have started using Moodle. Is that something you'd be interested in doing?

    Look forward to hearing how things develop for you at MG this year. 


  • Ray Burkhill 09 Aug 2013 10:59am () in Supporting Imaging in Maths with year 3s (Linda Ojala)

    Hi Linda...following your blog with interest having also just started to dip my toes in the UDL waters.

    I like the approach you've taken here...viewing your current practice through a UDL lens. Both affirming and helpful in identifying areas for development.


Ray Burkhill

Blended e-learning facilitator working for CORE Education as part of the Te Toi Tupu consortium.