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  • Tracey Tito 13 Feb 2013 8:09pm () in A REFRESHER about what works for Māori learners?

    Kia ora whanau, Wow yes great korero, so much input some great minds out there. Wow I must say I am a maori learner, my education was set in mainstream and maori medium, and I remember some fantastic teachers not in an educational way but more of a way that my WOW teachers took time out to find out who I am, and what im REALLY about. They stopped and talked to me like I was their niece, their moko someone important, and as a new teacher that is what im going to do, be a WOW teacher, take time out, stop and notice my students for who they are. I am now an adult and I reflect back on the different kind of ways I have been treated, judged, looked at, and amoungest all the negitive sterio type socialism that the world has created My WOW teachers ALWAYS stand out for me ALWAYS . So thankyou to all you WOW teachers out there.